20 September, 2023

In focus: Sportingtech

Sportingtech introduces a 'conveyor belt of new solutions' including Bet Assist, FastBet and Share-a-Bet.

The sports betting scene has never been as vibrant as it is currently. Operators are clamouring for the most engaging products and solutions, this is where Sportingtech comes into its own.

There has never been a greater emphasis from operators to have bespoke offerings that appeal to their users. Sportingtech has had to maintain its standards to keep up with the heightened demands. We understand the increased appetite for innovative products that helps operators stand out and it is a challenge we have welcomed.

Our conveyor belt of new solutions and integrations have been stand-out, maximising the breadth of opportunities. Rolling out game-changing products that give bettors an edge has certainly improved engagement and turnover for our operator partners. Our Bet Assist feature attracts and retains bettors by generating automated betting tips analysis, historical data, live-score and AI analysis. FastBet is the only feature of its kind on the market, enabling users to wager multiple single bets across all sports at the touch of a button without creating a bet slip.

Our Share-a-Bet feature is one for bettors who are active on social media platforms. This product allows them to share their bets to their social media followings via a few simple taps and for their followers to then place the same bet easily, should they wish to do so. Integrating such functionality showcases our ability to tap into current trends in bettor habits and enhance the bespoke offerings we provide.

But it isn’t ‘job done’ once a product is live. We continue to tweak and tailor our products and ensure it continues to perform to the highest level. Take the World Cup as an example, this was an opportunity that we grabbed with both hands as we delivered fantastic engagement for our partners.

Our World Cup Widgets solution was tailored to the tournament, offering out rights, stats, specials, group betting and more fully highlighting how a standalone integration can be enhanced solely for one event.

Sportingtech doesn’t just cover global events; we also thrive in supplying regional content. Unsurprisingly, this resonates with audiences greatly and we can fully provide an array of markets and events that appeal to any audience, no matter the region. This is down to our expert teams around the world tapping into the psyche of users, as well as understanding their likes and dislikes, arming our product teams to provide an offering to operators so they can hit the ground running.

A sportsbook focusing on what locals engage in clearly provides a more bespoke experience. Although content can be further tailored, catering to users within certain territories can significantly increase retention rates. It is imperative we tap into the current trends, as well as examine the preferences of a diverse demographic to ensure our offering is as strong as possible across all sports and markets.

And what about AI? It is certainly a hot topic throughout many industries and it is starting to have an influence on sports betting. At Sportingtech, we are happy to utilise new tools and see how they impact our products and using AI has been a positive experience so far. Our Bet Assist uses AI analysis as well as other features to generate automated betting tips across more than 100 popular betting markets, both pre-match and live. With seamless bet slip integration, we are tapping into AI to boost turnover.

Sportingtech can cater for any bettor needs. Also boasting an outstanding content offering within the casino vertical which complements the sports betting product, our variety of content is easily accessible and provides bettors around the globe the best iGaming experiences. With leading brands entrusting us to supply this to their customers, we take pride in maintaining the highest standard known throughout the industry.