21 September, 2023

In focus: DATA.BET

DATA.BET is a tech-savvy provider of complex esports solutions, which includes SPA (iFrame) and odds feed, covering all the needs of the betting company for a high-quality, extensive and profitable esports offering.

DATA.BET provides an esports odds feed with over 30 disciplines, including the most popular games like CS:GO, Dota 2, League of Legends and Valorant, as well as much less common and more chance-based games like Dota Autochess.DATA.BET’s esports offering is considered to be one of the most extensive in the world:

  • Over 2,000 markets on major high rated gaming events
  • Up to 12,000 pre-match events per month
  • Up to 11,000 live events per month

DATA.BET’s esports feed is made for bookmakers who see the potential of a growing esports industry and want to start earning revenue from esports betting. A key advantage of DATA.BET is the combination of using both high-quality data and flexible software to maximise the potential of esports data. High-quality data means simultaneous delivery of dozens of differentparameters, such as player purchases, health points, map position, etc. DATA.BET’s AI-based solution can process masses of data to generate lucrative odds in a fraction of a second, allowing to maximise operators’ revenue while keeping high odds and prevent fraud.

The DATA.BET service also includes a risk management system, which can track risks in real time and manage the esportsfeed in such a way as to make sure the client maintains their profits and the bettors enjoy the games.

Rapidly updating detailed data

The provider accumulates and processes data obtained directly from official sources. This ensures that any delays in deliveringin-game information will be reduced to a minimum. DATA.BET’s software processes the data and provides betting companieswith odds ready to be shown on their platforms.

Detailed game information makes it possible not only to generate a standard set of win/loss outcomes, but to also provide a wide range of markets with many different variations. Using the DATA.BET esports feed makes it possible to create uniquemarkets covering things such as the number of kills by an individual player, or even the likelihood of a specific in-game itembeing purchased. This way DATA.BET’s esports feed becomes a foundation for a steadily growing, profitable business.

Smart solutions based on machine learning

DATA.BET has developed a complex piece of software that it continues to work on. Thanks to the use of machine learningalgorithms, the software can analyse the results of past matches and predict the results of future games. The software is regularly filled with historical data, which allows the model to deliver more accurate predictions for upcoming matches. Unlike other providers, who update their models once every 1-2 months, DATA.BET updates its software every 1-2 weeks with the mostup-to-date information, as well as analytical data from the team of traders who are directly involved in building the list of markets.

Maximum profitability

The model examines audience demands and reacts to them by adjusting the odds. The software can track the number of betson different market outcomes and adjust the margin distribution, thereby maximising profits for betting companies. DATA.BET’ssoftware can be set up to meet individual betting companies’ needs, functioning as their nerve centre to maximise profits andminimise risks.

24/7 support from traders with esports expertiseDATA.BET’s software-generated esports feed will naturally be moderated by live traders with esports expertise. In any sport, thehuman factor can be decisive. The software cannot, for example, predict a team’s morale or the influence of a player’s emotionson the choices they will make in-game. Traders must also understand the extent to which the situation can vary betweendifferent games. That is why DATA.BET only employs traders with expertise in a wide array of different games and withexperience in esports trading.

Virtual sports data feedDATA.BET offers clients a unique feed of virtual sports. Virtual football, basketball and tennis are relatively new forms ofentertainment, but they are making a real splash in the market and winning over new fans. Virtual sports are particularly popularwith fans of quick betting, since the average match length is between 6 and 50 minutes. Bettors will often bet on virtual sportswhile they are waiting for an esports or traditional sports match to end. So, adding this feed to your platform can increase customer engagement and conversion. Besides the virtual sports data feed, DATA.BET clients will get:

  • Up to 6,500 pre-match events per month
  • Up to 6,500 live events per month 24/7 event coverage

Intuitive client interface

DATA.BET cares greatly about the quality of its software, but no less attention is given to making sure the service is easy andconvenient to use. DATA.BET’s functionality makes it possible to order individual matches and tournaments, or all competitive events for a given game and to instantly switch between different games and sports. Betting companies can use the admin panel to see a statistical summary of current matches and predicted pre-match odds, as well as monitor active live/pre-match markets and create financial reports covering their performance.