6 November, 2023

In Focus: Soft2Bet

Gamification: A paradigm shift in the iGaming landscape.

Uri Poliavich is the CEO of Soft2Bet, with over 13 years of complex industry experience in various management and C-level positions. His leadership has driven growth and success, making Soft2Bet one of the top B2B providers in the iGaming industry. Poliavich is a performance and growth-oriented leader skilled in identifying profitable business opportunities, securing stable business deals and leading business development associates.  

Today’s data doesn’t lie; gamification stands as one of the pivotal factors driving player engagement and, by extension, the success of operators in the iGaming industry. Recognising this transformative potential, Soft2Bet prioritises the infusion of gamification technology across our portfolio. This shines brightest in our turnkey solutions, which are tailored to deliver enhanced, gamified experiences right out of the box.  

Soft2Bet’s approach: Immersive gamified experience 

When players step into the world of Soft2Bet’s products, they’re not merely entering an iGaming platform; they’re delving into a dynamic city-builder game where every bet, every slot play and every completed challenge earns them points. These points aren’t just digital markers; they’re the currency for constructing and enhancing their virtual cities.

As players progress, they unlock achievements that not only reflect their journey but also translate into tangible cash prizes. This immersive experience isn’t just about building virtual cities, it’s about reaping real-world rewards, with each achievement and city milestone offering a unique prize, ensuring players are constantly engaged and rewarded. 

But what does this mean in terms of metrics? On one of our brands, players engaged with gamification are nearly 50% more inclined to deposit larger sums and their frequency of deposits is over 30% higher.

Furthermore, nearly half of the players actively engage in this gamification feature, with their turnover surging by more than 70% with gross gaming revenue (GGR) increasing by over 60% compared to non-participants. The allure doesn’t end here; players also witness an uptick of more than 70% in average revenue per user (ARPU). 

Shop gamification: Personalising player rewards 

Another feature we’ve honed in on is the ‘shop gamification’ system. This revolves around the same fundamental concept of accumulating virtual currency. Players earn these through challenges, slots and bets and spend their earned virtual currency in a specialised shop.

From free spins to bonus money, players can pick rewards that align with their gaming style and preferences; this ensures that the shop gamification system caters to all player demographics. 

In another of our brands, nearly half of the players actively engage with the gamification mechanics: a turnover that’s more than 120% higher and an increase in GGR of nearly 100% among participants.

Additionally, these engaged players experience a rise in ARPU of over 100%, a boost in their deposit amounts of close to 90% and an uptick in deposit accounts for more than 75%, all compared to their non-participating counterparts.  

Future prospects of gamification technologies 

As the landscape of iGaming evolves, so do the various ways through which gamification can be infused to create compelling player experiences. From leaderboard challenges that put players against each other in friendly competitions, to daily quests offering incremental rewards, the possibilities are vast. 

Furthermore, as emerging technologies such as augmented and virtual reality become more mainstream, the horizons of gamification are set to expand even further. Imagine a future where players don’t just click to spin a reel, but virtually walk into a themed casino, completing challenges and quests in a 3D environment, unlocking rewards as they interact with the virtual space. 

At Soft2Bet, we’re constantly exploring these frontiers, researching how to intertwine cutting-edge technology with the age-old allure of games. It’s not just about keeping players engaged; it’s about crafting memorable experiences, deepening brand loyalty and setting new standards for the industry. 

Trends and numbers clearly show that gamification isn’t just a fleeting trend: it’s a paradigm shift. Turnkey solutions inherently offer flexibility, scalability and adaptability. When combined with gamification, they morph into powerhouses that promise enriched player experiences, heightened engagement and unmatched retention rates.