The Names of the Game

By Gambling Insider
Christine Lewis, chief commercial officer at Pariplay, the igaming aggregator and content provider, explains how aggregation, distribution and retention combine to form the trifecta for success

Aggregation in the iGaming space is a highly effective method of driving up the scale and scope of distribution for any game studio in the online gaming market, so it’s no surprise it has steadily becoming one of the biggest trends in the industry. It is also highly useful for operators that are seeking easy access to the portfolios of game suppliers through a simple integration. From the high volume of game content to the ease of distribution, and even the accessibility of a variety of unique tools for key tasks like retention, aggregators provide a one-stop shop for operators and suppliers alike.

One of the primary benefits of aggregation, that is helping shape it into a major pillar in the future of iGaming, is the level of ease and lack of time, effort and resources required to integrate by partners. Integrations with aggregators have become quick and streamlined, making life much easier for both operators and providers. By handling all challenging and technical items to get partners to market as fast as possible, aggregators are able to develop and deploy tailored solutions quicker than ever before.


Aggregation’s Advantages to Operators

Leading aggregation platforms offer a global solution with a localised content approach to operators looking to achieve a variety of different objectives. Brands looking to expand into more markets, increase their current game portfolio and/or prepare for market regulation can all benefit from the services provided by these platforms. Following an easy one-step integration, operators are able to gain access to thousands of casino games by leading suppliers, in addition to any proprietary ones developed inhouse by the company, in the quickest way possible.

One USP of aggregation is the diversity of content it provides to partnered operators. By aggregating the creations of numerous different game studios with different focuses and presenting them to operators in organised portfolios, aggregators ensure that their partners are always providing their players with their favourite games, no matter where they are from.

Another major benefit to operators that opt for aggregation is the access they gain to the various promotional tools offered by third parties. Typically requiring little or no technical work from partners, these tools are designed to deliver greater efficiency and exceptional ROI, and help drive up retention rates. An example of an aggregation platform that offers unique solutions to its integrated partners is Pariplay, whose different tools empower operators by providing a unique way of engaging and retaining players, effectively driving up lifetime value.


Aggregation’s Advantages to Providers

Aggregation platforms have been becoming a more prominent choice among game providers in the industry. By helping small to large-scale game studios to connect with operators of any size with minimum effort through a one-time integration, aggregation allows developers to focus more on the production of their games. Once integrated, providers’ games are added to the aggregation platform’s casino library, where they can then be accessed by its casino partners.

Moreover, aggregation platforms also service partners with game distribution on a global scale. Aggregators are hugely helpful when it comes to regulated market penetration and expansion for game studios. Through the partnership, game producers can leverage the aggregators’ set of iGaming licences and regulated networks to develop and deploy globally, through a flexible turnkey development framework, ensuring maximum coverage immediately on launch.

Aggregators also act as major support resources for smaller-scale game studios that do not operate their own platforms. Therefore, aggregation partnerships, such as the Ignite development programme offered by Pariplay, provide a major opportunity to these developers to have their exciting content delivered to players across the iGaming industry, at a global scale. This type of development programme frequently supports smaller studios to help bring their games to the masses.


Eyes on the Future

The leveraging of aggregators in the iGaming industry is trending upwards, as the positive effects had on both operators and providers are becoming more noticeable and increasingly important. As the online gaming space continues to become more saturated and competitive, it will be paramount to ensure quality content and widespread distribution are in place, in order to not only secure longevity but also stay afloat in the short-term.

Partnering with a strong aggregation platform has proven to be extremely beneficial to operators and studios, so it’s important to choose the right one. Since 2016, Pariplay has been focusing on enhancing player value, by providing a suite of back-office conversion and retention tools for operators, plus access to thousands of games, and has supported multiple gaming studios to make their mark on the iGaming industry.