6 November, 2023

In focus: Gibtelecom

Gambling Insider takes a closer look at the telecommunications provider Gibtelecom

Gibtelecom, a leading telecommunications provider headquartered in Gibraltar with Points of Presence across the globe, has been a trusted partner in the igaming industry for over 20 years positioning itself as a true one-stop-shop. 

Through the development of products and services that cater to very specific needs, Gibtelecom has invested heavily in state-of-the-art data centres to provide for their co-location, managed services, and full cloud portfolio, as well as global network expansion for a dedicated presence at key gaming hubs around the globe. 

In this age of rapid technological advancements and ever-increasing connectivity, the advancement of hosted services has been paramount. The need for greater scalability, flexibility, and efficiency for storing data within the cloud prompted a radical transformation for all telecommunications providers, Gibtelecom included, who has progressed from strength to strength. Boasting a portfolio of cloud hubs and hosting facilities in Gibraltar, London, Dublin, Malta, Isle of Man and Malaysia, connected via a private global network, Gibtelecom is able to provide enhanced service capabilities spanning three continents. In cloud specifically, their bouquet of services offers private, public and hybrid clouds for any infrastructure requirements at multiple locations in Europe and Asia. More locally, Gibtelecom has recently launched their new Back-up-as-a-Service for Office 365 in the Gibraltar market. Customers can benefit from carrier-grade internet connectivity, a data centre-grade environment, and around the clock management and monitoring in use together or in isolation with OneDrive for Business, Exchange Online, Sharepoint Online and Teams. 

Without a dependable and secure way of storing the magnitude of data in which operators need to be able to do business, there would be no iGaming industry. Many data centres provide security only relevant to their location and existing customer base, whether traditionally or in the cloud. However, Gibtelecom’s data centres, across its sites, have independent power and are backed up by UPSs as well as dedicated generators meaning that they are unaffected by power disruptions and can run indefinitely, as long as fuel is available, in the case of an outage of the local grid. Its power and cooling systems, as well as its international connectivity links, offer full redundancy, meaning there has not been a data centre outage since 2014 and hasn’t been any unscheduled downtime on its cloud services since they were launched. 

However, the shift to the cloud is not without its challenges. Ensuring data security and privacy in a cloud-based environment is paramount. Gibtelecom has invested in robust security measures to protect sensitive customer data and maintain the trust of their users. Gibtelecom has a long history of providing operators with high-level security support with key players in the industry featuring on its client list such as Pariplay, Betfred, Relax Gaming and Lottomart. Since the back end of 2022, Gibtelecom has offered 24/7 protection for operators’ websites. Following on from the announcement of a strategic partnership with Getronics, a global ICT and security integrator, Gibtelecom offers a strengthened security product that really hits the mark. This includes proactive detection of cybersecurity breaches and risks while running services on its secure private global network. Operators need support when it comes to storing the mounds of data that come with running a successful gaming business. Traditionally, this would be stored in a physical server, but the inception of the cloud has given birth to new ways and means of holding it and round-the-clock security is essential. 

Gibtelecom prides itself on being a strategic partner of the gaming industry with a long track record of facilitating customer migrations from other providers or from their own facilities and providing the personal, tailored support and agility that only a small operator can provide. As well as attending and supporting industry events and keeping up to date with industry developments, its dedicated account management team meets with key stakeholders and customers to understand their plans and ensure that Gibtelecom can deliver the solutions and support that the industry needs now, and in the future.