6 November, 2023

In focus: Pascal Gaming

Aram Khachatryan, Head of Business Development and Marketing at Pascal Gaming, spoke to Gambling Insider about global expansion, the benefits of its Momentum solution, Pascal’s Gravity retail solution and more

Tell us about Pascal Gaming. 


Pascal Gaming is a casino game provider delivering on-demand and compelling gaming solutions. We create games that deliver different gameplay experiences, through all-new logic of our crash games, bold experiments with gameplay, adding storyline and socialising elements to our games, as well as creating fusions of genres and all-new features that captivate the player audience. We uplift our passion creating a perfectly tailored range of products with hugely engaging game features, appealing design and courage to go beyond the limits of the ordinary.  


Tell us about your crypto venture, how is that going? Is it popular? Which crypto game is the most popular out of the ones you have on offer? 


Keeping up with industry trends, Pascal Gaming is heading in the strategic direction of innovation and enhancing its game lines with new crypto games. Crypto games aim to offer a private and secure iGaming experience, ensure transparency, ease of use through the utility of seamless wallets and fairness throughout the entire process. But most importantly, the games could easily and quickly be deeply customised for every partner, creating their own ‘original’ gaming content with a proven market success. 


What are the benefits of your Momentum solution? 


Momentum guarantees realistic, dynamic and totally involving 24/7 gameplay for players. The only difference from real sports is that we can make the action truly non-stop! Our virtual sports have enhanced 3D visualisation and rich sound effects.  

All games are based on the provable fairness algorithm, that is, for each game we can prove the fairness of the games. You and your players can rest assured that the games we provide are completely fair and all for players’ enjoyment. 


Expand to us a bit about Pascal’s Gravity retail solution… 


Our one-of-a-kind Gravity solution allows players to enjoy their most beloved games offline. It features a web-based cashier solution that could flexibly be integrated into any platform, or be operated by itself - a quick, reliable and highly efficient solution.  

Retail games that have never been previously featured in betting stores, are now available for our partners to deliver an all-new experience and attract new segments of players into betting stores.  

Crash games in retail are all-new and already enjoy popularity in the retail-intensive markets in LatAm and Africa. Virtual sports and pre-recorded retail products are unique as they are the sole products that feature provable fairness in retail. These products are indeed innovations. 


Does Pascal Gaming aim to expand into any new markets before we enter 2024? 


Pascal Gaming is adding new markets every year and with this regard our plans to enter Romanian and Greek markets are not new. We additionally plan to expand to new LatAm and Eastern European markets; hopefully, it will be confirmed before the end of the year.  

African markets have been a priority throughout the year and, here again, we have plans for this year to be announced in the near future. Global market penetration strategy is paying off and the process of expansion drives us to look out to new markets and new partners. 


Keeping up with industry trends, Pascal Gaming is heading in the strategic direction of innovation and enhancing its game lines with new crypto games