6 November, 2023

Relum: Quality over quantity

Emil Hakobian, Relum CEO, tells us all about the company’s iGaming ambitions heading into 2024

How does Relum aim to redefine the vision of optimal iGaming solutions' like your website states?

Relum is a young company that undertook to redefine the casino aggregation supply chain. Traditionally, the aggregation supply chain and the incumbent suppliers in the market competed on the quantity of slots studios that they could offer B2C brands in a single endpoint integration. So, therefore, the model was “content is king” and they provided as much gaming content as possible to attract operators to their service.

While, of course, depth of game content via a single API integration is essential, perhaps for new brands coming to market, it is the quality of that content and services that can sit on top of the content portfolio that helps operators scale and create engagement and revenue opportunities. We decided as a business to focus on quality, data, business support, and providing tools, features and services that help operators grow their brand.

Talk us through your products and features.

Relum provides a rich toolkit of features and back-office tools, such as free round tools, to maximise player engagement and retention. Our Free Round promo tool, for example, provides free rounds, spins, or bonuses for players to enjoy the playing experience without spending real money across our game's portfolio. This tool boosts player loyalty and engagement in any game at any time. 

Tournament tool - Relum's tournament tool, which is games provider independent, can be used across multiple games providers' content, allowing casino operators to drive more monetisation by increasing player engagement and loyalty. The tool enables operators to use different schemes for points calculation that get reflected in leaderboards to improve players' participation levels in tournaments and play more games during the game sessions, thus increasing GGR per player contribution. 

Partner success team - Our team’s core focus is to grow our partners' businesses and gaming revenues. We do this by providing strategic planning covering operational and marketing areas for growth opportunities. This would include new player acquisition, activation, retention, reactivation, marketing campaign planning, ROI forecasting and milestones. Relum is part of your extended team, and your success is, therefore, our success.    

How many countries are you live in, and are there any countries on your radar that you would like to launch into?

We are live in several European and South American markets with numerous partners and are continuously investigating new opportunities to enter new markets. For this, we make sure that our product and infrastructure are compliant with all regulations, and that new functionalities are built with all required regulatory parameters. 

What differs Relum from other iGaming solutions providers? 

As we mentioned, our key difference is to offer a holistic product solution and service support. We provide partners’ post-integration, and that is ongoing, with content and the features and tools provided on top of the core gaming engine to drive revenue opportunities. 

Can we expect to see any more partnerships before we begin 2024?

The business has attended a few key iGaming industry trade shows, and our enquiry pipeline for onboarding new operators is strong until the year's end. You can expect to hear more announcements in the next few months, especially in Latin America, which is a growing market for our solutions.   

What can we expect to see from Relum in 2024?

Our core focus remains the same: quality over quantity and providing more tools and features that drive engagement both for acquisition, retention and reactivation for our partners. Our success is driven by that focus, and delivering the best customer support and expertise in the marketplace.