6 November, 2023

Product Review: Novomatic V.I.P. X Series

Gambling Insider takes a close look at some of the exciting products that are now available on the casino floor

The Very Important Player X-perience Gaming above and beyond At G2E in Las Vegas, Novomatic launched an exclusive V.I.P. X series. Novomatic caused quite a stir at this year’s G2E in Las Vegas with a powerful product portfolio, presented in an elegant new booth design. 

Among other products targeted at the US audience, for the international markets, Novomatic presented an exclusive premium product line for the first time at the G2E in Las Vegas.

The V.I.P. X Royal 1.85, the V.I.P. X Dream 3.43 and the V.I.P. X Lounge 2.32 offers exceptional luxury gaming with exquisite V.I.P. comfort, extra-high and wide gaming screens and an integrated sound system in the comfortable chair that ensures an intense player experience and maximum immersion. Discerning operators know that every player deserves to feel like a V.I.P.