8 April, 2024

Company profile: Sport Generate

Sport Generate specialises in Odds Feed, Esports, and Live Gaming products to enhance existing betting product portfolios for sportsbooks and multi-product operators. We deliver proprietary betting content from professional tournaments through our Rocket Masters Cup and Cyber Masters brands. Our team of dedicated professionals is committed to delivering exceptional iGaming experiences for operators


With over 1,000 in-house professional traders, we deliver an extensive range of live and pre-match sports betting content from across the globe. We have a flexible commercially positioned odds feed product, offering not just low latency but also130,000 monthly events, 80,000 pre-match events, 15,000 Leagues, 3,000 markets, 100 sports, powered by in house algorithms, empowering our partners to provide their players with the widest range of betting opportunities all delivered through one single API integration. With our proprietary Rocket Masters Cup and Cyber Masters tournaments, Sport Generate’s odds feed product, an intuitive and user- friendly back office, truly enriches our partners operators’ existing sports betting offerings.


Ultra-Low Latency Data

Delivering supercharged data with ultra-responsive data streams

Margin Management Tools

Define custom odds and margins, create templates, and apply them effortlessly.

Coverage Management on Different Levels

Choose market visibility at the level you desire and take control over your players’ betting experience.

Versatile Odds Support

All six Odds Formats Covered: Decimal, Fractional, American, Hong Kong, Malay, and Indonesian odds.

Esports API

In terms of Sport Generate’s products, the business has developed a fully managed esports API product, which, even if we do so say ourselves, has the most stunning immersive and interactive design of any product on the market. This is coupled withofficial data sources and it will become an industry-defining product.

We provide extensive coverage of all the major Esports Tournaments and Leagues. Whether it’s iconic game titles League of Legends, CS: GO, or Dota 2, or Sport Generate’s proprietary Cyber Masters Cup, we offer a diverse range of betting opportunities to cater to all player profiles.


Table Tennis | Rocket Masters Cup | Partnership with ATFF

- 35+ Professional Athletes, internationally licensed referees, and coaches

- 1,700+ Live Events Per Month

- 2 matches in parallel

- Modern studios compliant under Olympic standards

- 20 minutes average match duration

Market Coverage:

18 Betting Markets: Match, Set, Result, Correct Score, Handicap Markets


E-Football | FC24 | FC Volta | Cyber Masters Cup

Sport Generate’s state-of-the-art studios provide operators with a range of options to drive engagement and revenue opportunities for their player base.

- 80+ Professional gamers, coordinators, and coaches

- Esports studios with thematic atmosphere

- 7,700+ Live Events Per Month

- 6 matches in parallel

E-Football | FC Volta

- 5,500+ Plus Monthly Events

- 4 Matches in Parallel

- 10-minute match duration (5×5 Players)

- 24 / 7 Schedule

Market Coverage

Match: Result, Total, Handicaps, Individual Totals, Odd/Even

E-Football | FC 24 Cyber Masters Cup

- 2,200+ Live Events Per Month

- 2 matches in parallel

- 16-hour schedule

- 14 minutes average match duration

Market Coverage

Match: Result, Total, Handicaps, Individual Totals, odd/even

Product Design

Our Sport Generate team are gamers from a product design standpoint, so they understand the space exceptionally well end-2-end. Expertise in any business counts, and we have that in our team, so we were able to create the tournaments, events, markets, and odds/risk management. The Sport Generate design of our products effortlessly blends with official data, offering the most comprehensive product on the market that is available through one single API integration. The design of Sport Generate’s products mirrors the young, fresh, and ambitious outlook of the company. The newly launched oddsfeed product combines initiative back-office design with beautiful simplicity. Sport Generate as a business embraced esports at an early stage. We saw the nascent demand and created our esports betting proposition for the sportsbook platform for operator partners looking for a point of difference in the marketplace or, to deliver first-mover advantage for new player acquisition, retention and reactivation and cross-sell into the sportsbook.

We have something for everyone, no matter the current size of their online betting business. Please visit our website to discover how we can amplify your existing betting content with esports and proprietary betting tournaments.