8 April, 2024

Company Profile: Digitain

Digitain is a global leader in iGaming solutions and has decades of experience delivering reliable, flexible, scalable, GLI-certified iGaming solutions to more than 150 partners across various markets


Digitain’s sportsbook provides 130,000 live monthly events, 80,000 monthly pre-matches, taking part in 15,000 international leagues, 4,500 varied tournaments, 4,000 betting markets, empowered by 1,000+ in-house traders. It also includes an AI-powered sports recommendation engine, a unique sports jackpot, Autobet, Sportchat, upgraded bet history and more.

Digitain Sports Data and Stats encompass 19 sports across different nations and championships. Due to the rise of live, on-demand sports streaming, information for lineups, statistics, player stats, team formation data and scores has been essential to the player’s experience with real-time visualisations and scoreboards.

Today’s players demand entertaining content that aids their decision-making process for sports betting opportunities, resulting in more frequent visits to your online gaming brand. Gamification and community-building features within the sportsbook platform allow users to get more involved in the operator’s brand, which can result in higher loyalty, advocacy and GGR retention. The following are some feature engagement solutions that Digitain has introduced...


One example of the growing importance of gaming and community tools is Digitain’s Sports Tournaments. The Sports Tournament feature allows players to place bets using their bonus points and win real cash prizes. The winners of the tournament are the players who have earned the most points, which are shown on the updated leaderboards. The tournament’s winners and prize money are all adjustable parameters in the platform. This has been proven to be a robust retention and acquisition feature, with high engagement rates for tournament participants. The double-digit engagement rate shows many players placing a real bet during the event because they are comfortable with the betting brand and results.


Building on community features, Digitain released Sportchat to revolutionise how users engage with the platform, fostering a sense of community and social interaction among bettors. This feature is set to transform the betting experience by providing users with a real-time chat environment where they can share insights and emotions and connect with fellow sports betting enthusiasts. Because of this added social dimension, Sportchat is anticipated to grow betting activity significantly. Preliminary data suggests a remarkable 20% increase in bets placed by users actively participating in Sportchat discussions.


AutoBet is Digitain’s revolutionary betting feature, designed to empower players and transform the sports betting landscape. It puts the control firmly in the hands of users, allowing them to define their preferred odds range and customize their betting experiences. Auto Bet marks a significant leap forward in sports betting, addressing players’ diverse needs and preferences. By enabling users to set their preferred odds range for a bet, Digitain ensures that players get all the odds they desire, providing a truly personalised and tailored betting experience.

Using AutoBet is straightforward and efficient. Players log in to their accounts, choose the event and market they want to bet on, and set their preferred odds range. Moreover, users can track all their requests in AutoBet history; the reason is always displayed even if cancelled. The system automatically places the bet if the odds for their selected event fall within the specified range. This streamlined process ensures a hassle-free and user-friendly experience for players.


Booster is a powerful promotional engine integrated into Digitain’s platforms, Centrivo Dynamics and Centrivo Universal. Focusing on user-friendly customisation and advanced features, Booster is set to elevate the online gaming experience for operators and players. Booster effortlessly creates and manages tailored promotional campaigns for enhanced player engagement and loyalty, ensuring fairness and transparency in all promotional activities through a Certified RNG. It dynamically integrates with all bonus campaigns within the Centrivo Dynamics & Universal platforms, streamlining the promotional process for operators Moreover, operators can customise promotions without developer involvement, adapting quickly to market demands.

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