19 May, 2021

Product Review: Lucky 8’s Progressive Jackpot from R.Franco Digital

Multi-Site Linked Progressive & Fixed Jackpots, based on the Tombola Roulette game. Works as each terminal has its own roulette result for each game. Prizes won when the player places a Lucky 8’s side bet and the number comes up more than once sequentially.

Tombola roulette is a stand-alone roulette game with each terminal having its own mechanical random number generator, a tombola with 37 balls and one pocket, capable of delivering a roulette quick result, and a normal electronic roulette layout.

The player places their bets on the roulette layout as normal, presses their spin button and the tombola rotates. When it stops one number drops out and is the result. This has the advantage of each terminal getting its own result, so individual winners for each game. This allows for an interesting progressive jackpot. The player can also place a £1 side bet (in addition to their normal roulette bets), on the possibility of number eight coming out in successive games on that terminal. The terminals are connected into a wide area network and linked together to give a progressive jackpot.

If they place the side bet and the result is eight, then all normal roulette wins are paid out and the terminal then goes into the Jackpot round and the player gets a free spin to see if the next result is an eight. If it is, they win £XXX (configurable) and they get another free spin to see if they get a third eight. If they do, the win increases to £XXXX (configurable) and they get another free spin to see if they get a fourth eight. If they do, the win increases to the progressive jackpot.

If the result in any of the jackpot spins is not an eight, then the game switches back to the normal roulette game.