19 May, 2021

Product Review: BaoBao King from XSGames

XSGames is an international gaming company dedicated to offering stunning new game mechanics every year that will provide players with unforgettable, intense gaming experiences. For the past year, XSGames has been committed to keeping its focus on product research and development. Some of the strongest titles in XSGames include Dice Em’ Up, Robo Zoom and the first-ever link series - BaoBao King.

While offering exciting bonus rounds in addition to dazzling sounds and graphics, both Dice Em’ Up and Robo Zoom offer multi-level stand-alone progressive jackpots. Dice Em’ Up is an exciting 30 lines sicbo theme game that consists of a Dice Feature, allowing the player throwing the dice to emulate the casino gaming experience. Alternatively, Robo Zoom offers three stand-alone progressive jackpots. With a fixed 50 lines throughout the game, the Robo Zoom Feature allows players to win up to 64x of the normal line win. Additionally, the Jackpot Wheel Feature also offers credit prizes and multi-level jackpots. With low feature hit rates and massive credit prizes on offer, there are a million possibilities to win in this game. Unleashing the all-new link series BaoBao King that includes a series of four games in total with both lines and ways. The eye-catching cartoon theme features an all-new battle feature that has never been seen on the market before! BaoBao King aims to engage players in different machines to bet up and stay in the game in order to participate in the battle feature and win big. XSGames is confident that this never been seen feature will attract all kinds of players on the casino floor.

In the next few months, XSGames will soon be unleashing to the world several exciting slot titles. Stay tuned to the company’s website for more firsthand information!