Editors Letter

If the pandemic could speak, it could probably sum itself up by stealing a quote from the Maltese Falcon: “My way of learning is to heave a wild and unpredictable monkey-wrench into the machinery.” It’s never too late to learn, I guess. Seeing as we’re all on the receiving end of that wrench, though, it’s been a particularly difficult time we could have done without. But we’ve done our share of learning too. With SiGMA stuck in its dizzying holding pattern until November at the soonest, we thought it prudent to still put together this edition of Malta Focus, which, if all of this Covid insanity never happened, would have been on offer at the show late last year. But one thing we’ve learned is that if there’s a strong enough demand for something, we better deliver.

While the industry collectively laments missing out on island warmth, and show hosts unable to welcome us there, we do our best to bring you a taste of what’s to come, and what to expect when we finally touch down at Malta International.

We hear from Roger Strickland, director online gaming and business development at corporate services provider CSB Group, about how the island is strengthening as a global destination and an industry hub. “I believe the industry in Malta has adapted extremely well to the new online landscape driven by the pandemic,” he says. “But it also had less adapting to do compared to other markets because of it already being a leader of innovation.”

And, while Strickland works with the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) on behalf of CSB Group clients applying for licences, we also get an exclusive with newly appointed MGA CEO Carl Brincat. There’ll always be regulatory shifts that keep things fluid, but Brincat comes into the role with a firm conviction to ramp up strong partnerships with other regulators and stakeholders, as well as with the industry itself. The symbiosis of industry and regulator is critical for longstanding success. “We want to accelerate our continued growth as a regulator to strike the balance between being sufficiently rapid and flexible for such a dynamic industry, while at the same time never prejudicing the rigour of our checks,” he says. Let’s hope ‘balance’ is the operative word so we can meet in the Med in November.

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