MAY JUN 2021

Editors Letter

It's not always straightforward to draw a line that distinguishes an emerging market from a mature one. There are innumerable variables to consider so the transition from one to the other is always going to be blurry. For our cover feature, we get expert opinion about how you know when you've sloughed the emerging label and what it means once you've arrived among the giants. Industry leaders drill down into the specifics and what you can use, or at least consider, if you find yourself in one camp or the other, or somewhere in between. Take for example the Americas, both north and south. "There are still huge areas of the US and LatAm that have yet to legalise any kind of online gaming, and many of those could be hugely successful if the ones that have regulated so far are anything to go by," says Bobby Longhurst, Pronet Gaming's chief commercial officer.

Pariplay is also closely watching developments in the US. Vladimir Pavlov, the supplier's VP of product says that an emerging market means there's still untapped potential for people who understand local conditions, culture and regulation in order to choose the right operator partner, and recognise the needs of the end user. "Such markets often lack established brands and offer a level playing field for new entrants," he says. "Any company looking for sustainable long-term growth must identify and execute their emerging markets strategy."

Africa is another massive, hyper-dynamic and complex region that offers a lot of potential, especially considering it being very mobile-centric. Time will tell, though, regarding how partnerships are forged to bring out the best in the most promising markets there. We feature a roundtable in the Sports Betting Focus section about how Africa is gaining traction in terms of advancing technology infrastructure, regulatory hurdles to overcome, consumer habits when it comes to the online and land-based split, and growth trends to watch. As part of the discussion, BetGames.TV COO Aiste Garneviciene first emphasises that the continent has to be discussed by individual country considering some are much more developed than others. Yet even though internet connectivity is relatively strong in leading markets like South Africa, the main investment has to be in the African people since skilled and experienced personnel is lacking. It's one of the main reasons Africa still has work to do. "But considering how much it has grown in the last five years," he says, "we can certainly say huge progress has been made, making it one of the most attractive growth prospects globally." The US is certainly a safe bet, but having a mature mindset about LatAm and Africa will be a benefit in the long run.

In the Magazine

Go for Gold

With industry insight from Pariplay, Omega Systems and Pronet Gaming, Tim Poole examines what constitutes an emerging igaming market, the pros and cons of operating in one, and when a market evolves into maturity

Big Question

How have state lotteries embraced mobile solutions?

Going Meta with Data

Dinos Stranomitis, COO at sports betting solution provider Altenar, joined Shane Gannon, SVP at Stats Perform, and Yoav Ziv, VP sales and business development at LSports and LVision, in a vibrant discussion about the impact the pandemic has had on sports betting when it comes to data

Regulation Roundup: Important Industry Lessons

Tim Poole reports as the cases of Crown Resorts, in Australia, and Football Index, in the UK, mark striking failings across the global gaming sector

Fantasy Becomes Reality

Ranjana Adhikari, co-head, Gaming Practice Group, and Tanisha Khanna, senior member, Gaming Practice Group, Nishith Desai Associates, speak about the latest advancements in the fantasy sports sector in India, and how current laws are accounting for growth

Return to Form

Casinos are due to re-open soon, but will there be anyone available to work in them? Paul Sculpher, co-director of GRS Recruitment, and a case study from Silvie Mazacova, a casino dealer at Genting Casinos UK, examine the harsh realities of getting back to business

First Impressions

Andrey Astapov, managing partner at Eterna Law and member of the Expert Advisory Council of the Gambling and Lottery Regulation Commission of Ukraine, details the latest inroads in the nation's newly passed gambling law and what operators, both domestic and international, have to consider in order to make a first move into the region

Too Big to Fail

Gustaf Hoffstedt, secretary general of BOS, asks: Are all gaming companies created equal, or are some more equal than others?

Getting a Head Start

After years of seemingly endless delays, the regulated Dutch online gambling market is now scheduled to open in October. Willem van Oort, founder of Gaming in Holland, examines what this market will initially look like, and which parties are gaining a running start

Gambling with Your Online Terms?

Carl Selby, partner in the technology practice at Royds Withy King, reflects on the legal implications of the recent Betfred case, when a player was awarded £1.7m ($2.3m) in winnings by the UK courts

Culture Club

To support player retention and reactivation for the growing igaming sector, Mikael Hansson set up Enteractive. As founder and CEO, he champions personalisation alongside responsible gambling measures for players and here discusses making inroads as Europe and North America join forces

Striking the Legal Balance

Olivia Davies, barrister at Cornerstone Barristers, writes on the ongoing UK Gambling Act Review, assessing the likelihood of changes and the threat of the black market

On the Same Page

Ahead of Euro 2021, we catch up with Blaž Žitnik, head of BET at Sportradar, about why engagement tools are more important than ever

A Festival of Sport

Max Meltzer, Kambi's CCO, discusses how putting the right pieces in place will determine an even greater sports betting market share, especially in the US

Not so Different

Smarkets CEO and founder Jason Trost speaks to Tim Poole about the sports betting company’s history, as well as the concept of exchanges as a whole. According to Trost, though, the distinction between exchanges and sportsbooks should not be overstated

How are African Markets Able to Compete More?

Leading experts from BetGames, BtoBet, Kiron Interactive and Sportingtech delve into the dynamic and hyper complex continent to explain the range of opportunities that exist, and the investment needed in order to make potential a reality

Breaking Tradition

Guy Phillips, co-founder of LEBOM, speaks to Tim Poole about a new model of betting that concentrates on private groups competing against each other; rather than the traditional sportsbook system

Be Your Own CEO

Simon Westbury discusses his promotion to Digitain’s chief business officer, and what the transition involves coming from head of sales.

In Reel Time

David Johnson, recently appointed CEO of digital gaming content creator ReelPlay, speaks about how the sector is developing in light of the company back story and recent adjustments due to the pandemic.