PushGaming - Land of Zenith

By Gambling Insider

Get ready to begin an exciting adventure through the sky!

A 6x4 slot with 30 paylines and an RTP of 96.29% that takes you on an extraordinary adventure with sky pirates. Discover the incredible technology of floating islands where exquisite treasures and untold secrets can be uncovered.

A unique Disc Mechanism exists on these floating islands, and legend has it that this device can trigger some fantastic features throughout your sky journey. For those who dare to venture on, the adventure will become even more fascinating and one to be remembered forever.

Further excitement and anticipation are sure to be felt as the coloured Turner Symbols appear on the reels. These move the grooves on the Disc Mechanism in any direction, and different features can be triggered.

Align one full groove, and jump into the Bouncing Mystery Feature. Here, the ancient technology will awaken and as the reels respin, a magical Mystery Orb will bounce rapidly across the reels, creating more and more Mystery Symbols with every collision it makes. When no more Orbs are on the reels, a unique symbol is revealed and treasures can be collected.

Should the Disc Mechanism turn gold during a spin and all groves are aligned, then you will head straight into our exciting Hypermode™ Free Spins feature. Once here, get ready to hold on tight and brace yourself as the journey starts to pick up major speed and become even more exciting. 20 seconds of unlimited Free Spins are yours for the taking as the timer begins to tick down. As long as time remains, you'll keep on spinning.

If you manage to land a Wild along the way, hold on for safety as the reels spin faster and faster, bringing even more wins and filling up the retrigger meter that’s displayed next to the reels.

Fill the meter to the top and be prepared to go even faster as you get another 10 seconds on the clock with no limit to how many times this can take place. After any feature, the Disc Mechanism then resets randomly in preparation for the next big adventure!


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