GambleAware launches interactive maps to combat gambling harm in UK

By Gambling Insider

GambleAware has released interactive maps that can identity the usage and reported demand for support around gambling harm in the UK. 

The maps highlight areas that show a higher take-up of gambling support, while also indicating which areas are reporting higher demand for these services.

GambleAware uses its annual GB treatment and support survey to inform the maps; the survey provides the charity with an overview of reported demand and usage of gambling treatment.

The survey outlines differences in gambling activity by area and, based on the survey, GambleAware can use its maps to inform responses by local authorities.

GambleAware recommends authorities and wards use the maps in conjunction with local data and information on gambling harm, since they only use a single set of data provided by responses to the survey. 

In areas where there is a higher demand for gambling treatment, the charity suggests local authorities should do more to promote the help avaliable through the National Gambling Treatment Service.

GambleAware Research, Information and Knowledge Director, Alison Clare, said: “We want to assist local authorities and services in delivering the best possible treatment, and support for gambling harms in their area.

“These new interactive maps can be used to identify shortfalls between treatment and support services and prevalence of gambling participation and harms, which can be used to inform local responses.

"The existing support available through the National Gambling Treatment Service can be used to help address these shortfalls.”

In January, GambleAware announced Zoë Osmond will be replacing Marc Etches as the charity's new CEO at the end of March 2021.




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