The Leading iGaming Software Supplier in Asia

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The Leading iGaming Software Supplier in Asia
Starting from scratch since the year of 1999, BBIN has focused on the development and innovation of new iGaming technologies and system software. It pioneered the-then-unknown territory of Asia twenty years ago and gradually established itself as leading iGaming system provider across the region. BBIN not only integrates regional resources but also develops diversified products accustomed to regional preferences. Differentiation and localization are two key words in BBINs strategy in the product portfolio expansion, in which the gaming design incorporates with diversified local cultures, festivals and events. This helps BBIN greatly to provide services to a vast market that contains subtle cultural differences and become capable of leading its international partners to find the shortcut to the Asian markets.

Ready for the Post-COVID era: Move Beyond, Drive Change
Walking through the COVID19 crisis with its partners around the world, BBIN stands firm, aspires to move beyond the challenges and seizes the great opportunity to drive changes in the year of 2021. In the spirit of move beyond, drive change, BBIN is taking strides without hesitation and facing difficulties ahead to lead the way to success. On the one hand, BBIN continues to enhance the product portfolio based on the latest UX research and data, which has changed greatly under the new social-distancing and working-from-home norms. It also continues to develop new integration tools that will provide the best gaming experience to customers around the world. In the current phase, BBIN keeps expanding market and strives to bridge the eastern and western iGaming market for creating bigger business opportunities. BBIN extends from its solid foundation to develop the technological infrastructure capable of worldwide operation.

Achieve Greater Success Through Crossover Partnerships
In addition to product upgrade and system optimization, BBIN also actively forms alliances and strategic partnerships with sports clubs and eSports teams around the world to achieve greater success and support to build a healthy sport ecology. BBIN is honored to partner with the world-renown football team, Atletico de Madrid since November 2020. This partnership follows the alliance with the Dutch football club, Ajax back in 2019. Through these crossover partnerships, BBIN support gifted young players, just like the support BBIN provides to its customers. Both the partnerships have demonstrated great results as Ajax continues to defend its top ranking in 2020/21 season, winning the championship in KNVB Cup and continues to dominate the games in Eredivisie while Atletico de Madrid has won the championship in the 2020-21 La Liga Season. BBIN spares no efforts in helping the football teams reach the top and looks forward to creating a brighter and mutually beneficial future with its partners. Furthermore, BBIN also reaches out to the younger generation through the alliances with worldwide eSports teams. The previous alliance with NOVA esports and the long-term collaboration with the Arena of Valor team, MAD Team is expected to give BBIN further competitive edge in becoming a global giant in the eSports world. BBIN has fully supported various international sporting and entertainment events, ensuring the diversification of its allies can be engendered.

Towards A balanced and sustainable future: The Gaming Beat Charity From a long-term and thoughtful perspective, BBIN continues to work hard for the goal of a balanced and sustainable future. Through TGB Charitys nonprofit campaigns, which has kicked off since 2018, BBIN collaborates with non-profit organizations around the world and insists on doing the right things amid one of the most difficult times in human history. In the recent two years, BBIN partnered with Cambodian Childrens Fund to support vulnerable children education. It launched an online campaign for World Water Day to raise awareness of water conservation, while also collaborating with the Japanese Charity organization Playground of Hope to help rebuild affected communities. BBIN also supported India sanitary education with charity organization SAATH. In 2021, TGB Charity continues to delve deeper into several focus areas, including education, environmental protection, and wildlife conservation for raising the public awareness to relevant issues. With deeper engagement into these charitable activities, BBIN gives back to the community and society, hoping it can eventually drive changes and sustainable growth that lead us to a better tomorrow.


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