GGPoker’s Battle Royale sees 2,821 games run in first two weeks

GGPoker's collaboration with Dan Bilzerian has been branded a success by the company, with its new poker game becoming the online poker room’s most popular launch.  


Dan Bilzerian's Battle Royale reported 2,821 games run in two weeks, and during this time the average duration of play was around 53 minutes. 

In total, 80% of day one players played the game multiple times, while 51% played five times or more and 28% played the game over 10 times.  

The top first prize reward was worth $317.33 and the average first prize was 25.5 times the buy-in.  

GGPoker says the game combines multi-table sit and go mechanics with a popular battle royale multiplayer format.  

The game is made up of three levels: the Rush Zone, Shootout Zone and Final Table.  

Players start off in the Rush Tournament level, where they move to different tables when their previous hand finishes.  

They then move on to the shootout level, with the remaining 50 players seated at 10 five-handed tables; from here, they play until there is one surviving participant.  

Lastly, the final table seats the 10 remaining players, each of whom is guaranteed a prize, with the overall champion taking home the winner's share of the prize pool.  

It seems GGPoker players have taken a strong liking to this format, with the company stating new players will be offered the poker room's welcome bonus.

Paul Burke, Head of PR at GGPoker, said: “The action’s been thrilling and intense in equal measure since Dan Bilzerian’s Battle Royale launched. 

“The percentage of players coming back to take their shot in multiple games has remained at a consistently high level since Day 1, and the feedback we’re getting is overwhelmingly positive.” 


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