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Andreas Koeberl Q&A: BetGames.TV Lotto Reloaded interview

Can you tell us about your Lotto suite and why you decided to relaunch it? 


Choosing to relaunch and revamp certain games across our portfolio is a clear part of our new three-year strategy. We began with our Wheel of Fortune, which enjoyed a similar upgrade recently, and now we’ve undertaken a similar transformation of our flagship lottery product line.  

Of course, doing that for our lottery offering has taken some time due to the risk tied to significant changes of such a commercially important product, which dictated that we had to be meticulous in getting it just right. Our customers value our products, and they expect a certain level of quality. From the back end, this means painstaking research and analysis to ensure what we’re delivering is exactly in line with our development plans and insights.  

In wider terms, this move reflects our continued tier-one emergence globally. Now’s the time to showcase what we can really do. Wheel of Fortune was a great starting point and now lottery continues that momentum. 

How will Lotto Reloaded set BetGames.TV apart from the competition, in what is a crowded field? 

Apart from our classic signature products which set us apart with some of the best in-studio experiences available, this new offering combines three games in one set- Lucky 5, 6 and – and it really is the next-generation of lottery in terms of outcomes and features.  

The beauty is in what you see – the most simplistic, easy-to-understand approach with a host of strong differentiators. One area to watch out for in particular is our new multi-camera setup for added security, (i.e. offering varied, comprehensive views of the action around the studio) which really puts players in the driving seat.  

The UI is another huge driver, requiring low data levels, which is perfect for emerging markets, as well as a wide variety of betting options with different risk levels. Quite simply, it is the full lottery experience rather than an instant betting product and we’re confident that it will delight our legions of existing players and draw in a new generation of fans. Our aim is to master simplicity whilst embracing complexity. 

What benefits will your new Emerald machine bring to the product? 

If you’re changing your flagship product, perfection is imperative, so bringing in the latest and most technically advanced hardware was a no-brainer for us. The aim is to replicate the success Emerald has already had with Lucky 5, which was a development that was warmly welcomed by our players.  

Doing this has the added benefit of future-proofing the product as it gives us the ability to run the game without a physical presenter in the studio if necessary. In line with future launches we have lined up, Emerald will prove key to enabling us to scale our entrance into new markets. It provides a whole new area of value-added compliance that will make us very popular with regulators.  

How important is the addition of Betgames’ latest tech in-studio for the lotto experience?  

It’s essential. With this being arguably our most important launch this year, there is no room for compromise. We’ve used the very best assets available to offer the pinnacle in a next-generation lottery experience. Consolidating our games into one studio with the raft of improvements we’ve made is just the beginning of our evolution, which also enables the product to be ready for a more global, tier-one audience, with some of the world’s biggest operators. Following this will be further feature upgrades, as we are aiming to offer multiple variations on the existing format, as well as dealer formats that ensure we can get over the language barrier for new markets.  

You’ve future-proofed your game with remote presenters as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. How confident are you this will provide a boost to operators? 

This is all about our goal to attract and deliver excellence to the leading industry partners. We saw this with the launch of Wheel of Fortune – and we attracted numerous requests from the industry’s top brands to give it a try.  

We’ve done fantastically well over the past year, with one real positive being the ability to develop products that aren’t tied to one particular location, not only mitigating any future lockdowns but adding a level of flexibility for operating that we previously didn’t have. As a result, one of the many benefits the redevelopment has brought is that our Lotto is now more agile. 

The addition of an RNG option also helps us to secure positions in a wider number of markets; a Live product can be tricky to operate – and pre-recorded is more compliance friendly for some regions. I believe we’ve created a set of products that can truly deliver on the global stage – and we’re really looking forward to seeing how they perform.  

Does the re-launch have any impact on your integration process for partners? Will they see any changes? 

Not at all – it’s as streamlined and user-friendly as it has ever been – that was a benefit we needed to maintain. For existing partners it’s a case of simply switching it on, so it’s still the same. Similarly, there are no impacts on new partners either. It’s designed to be plug and play. We know what issues can be faced when it comes to integrations in multiple markets, and as the industry’s leading supplier of live betting games, we make it our mission to make the process as pain-free as possible.  

Are there any regions the new Lotto suite will be specifically aimed at? 

Reflecting our wider plans, the new line-up will most certainly be a key driver for our expansion into target markets among potential tier-one partners. We’ve also doubled our compliance budget this year, which is paying off significantly with our interaction with one of the strongest brands in the world, so this investment is helping us gain great traction – and we look forward to announcing more soon enough.  

Looking to the rollout, we see this as a great enabler for us; getting the balance right between appealing to new markets while presenting products that engage our core players. I expect to see plenty of interest in many areas but particularly in markets like the UK - and our aim will be to appeal to both our loyal customers and those new players giving the product a try or the first time.  

What are your plans for BetGames’ Lotto provision in the future? 

The schedule consists of two stages: phase one in late July, which sees the refurbishment and consolidation of three games into one studio. Primarily aimed as a refresher and booster for top markets while maintaining momentum, we’re ready to make a real difference for our partners with this new rollout.  

Then we have phase two – likely in the first quarter of 2022, which will give us additional scaling, allowing us to move into new markets that are currently closed for us due to language barriers or compliance requirements. I’m incredibly excited to see how our launch pans out, and with it, the next generation of lottery for our industry!  

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