For BtoBet it’s also about being employee-centric

By Gambling Insider

By Dima Reiderman, BtoBet's Chief Operations Officer

It's been almost 18 months since the World Health Organisation declared the Covid-19 a pandemic. Since then the entire world has rapidly had to witness an entire series of disruptions, especially from a work-flow perspective. It is now quite a certainty that work will never be the same, even if we don't yet know all the ways in which it will be different.

Like many other businesses around the world, we took stock of the situation and considered the whole lot of opportunities the pandemic could offer in terms of making the necessary adaptations to be more agile, efficient, whilst adopting a more employee-centric approach. So, we started thinking about the longer term, including alternative ways to structure work communication, hours, as well as physical presence. And I'm more than pleased with our convergence to a hybrid model of working, whereby we combine remote work with office work. I dare say that nowadays being forced to adapt to these never imagined circumstances has been the silver lining of the pandemic.

Our intent is to include more freedom around when to work, as well as to where. We are keen to grant more autonomy to employees to fit work around the rest of their lives rather than structuring a work approach that revolves solely around hours logged in an office. Ironically, whilst we are well known for our player-centric approach in the iGaming industry, it's been during the past months that we realised how essential it is to also adopt an employee-centric approach, with structure and efficiency on one hand, and independence and flexibility on the other.

And whilst physical presence might be required for certain aspects such as project kick-offs, it is not necessary for employees to have to commute to the office for other work. It is nowadays a well-known fact that tasks that require a high degree of concentration and which usually took several hours in the office for them to be completed, may be completed at home in a significantly less amount of time.

On the other hand, we have also learned that employees do tend to have different personalities when it comes to how they tend to approach their work routine. Some of them may have issues switching between different work settings. They might prefer the office environment, especially from a social interaction perspective. And that's why at BtoBet we believe that empowering employees with work dynamics based on freedom stemming from responsibility is the way forward.

Before it was common practice that to convey your quality as a manager, one of the parameters would be for you to stick around a lot in the office in order for you to guide teams, and be present for all the meetings. Nowadays the workplace is a lot more dynamic, because the approach revolves around the commitment to delivery. The only thing that matters is the outcome and not the amount of time people spend in the office.

By untangling ourselves from following or conforming to the traditional 9-to-5 office-centric approach, we have ensured that we retain the best parts of office culture, do away with inefficient processes and also unnecessary bureaucracy. Each and every team leader and departmental manager believes that in such an environment they will be able to hone the potential of their direct teams, and ultimately meet goals in a more effective way.

Looking back at all the impacts the covid pandemic brought on all businesses, on the bright side we were 'forced' in being a little more creative and flexible in order for each and every one of us to get used to a new way of doing things. And I hope that these current values of flexibility based on discipline, responsibility and also hard work is here to stay. I am confident that our employees' wellbeing and work-life balance have been positively impacted by this new approach, and we look forward to continue working on further strengthening our employee-centric culture.


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