Regulated Dutch online casino affiliates to receive Quality Mark

By Gambling Insider

After the introduction of the Dutch Remote Gambling Act earlier this year, with market launch due for 1 October, online casino affiliates will now be given a Quality Mark by Keurmerk Verantwoorde Affiliates (KVA).

The KVA verifies how an affiliate respects Dutch regulation, with the Quality Mark’s purpose to ensure casino affiliates demonstrate they comply with the law (for instance, by demonstrating complete transparency and fairness when it comes to games of chance).

According to the KVA, the Mark should give confidence to the Dutch consumer, as one of KVA’s aims is to keep its Dutch clients in the Netherlands.

The body said: “This quality mark serves as an indication that a Dutch online casino affiliate complies with laws and regulations (for example, with regard to recruitment and advertising activities and responsible gaming). We carry out a strict compliance check, and then grant the quality mark if the conditions are met.”

The Code for Responsible Advertising and Recruitment of Online Casino Affiliates includes regulation on recruitment, advertising and gambling addiction prevention, policy rules for licensing remote games of chance, remote gambling regulations, and policies for responsible gaming.

Dutch online casinos should be aware that the KVA’s purpose is not to enforce the rules and regulations, but to simply verify they are being respected; and it’s the casino and affilaites' responsibility to ensure compliance with the requirements.


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