Romania joins the Vaccination Lottery race

By Gambling Insider

Romania has launched its Vaccination Lottery, a government initiative that aims to encourage vaccination.

Romanian Interim Health Minister, Cseke Attila, has announced the conditions required to sign up for the Vaccination Lottery in Romania. To participate, Romanian citizens who have the complete vaccination scheme will need to have the digital Covid-19 certificate generated by UE and use it along with their CNP (social security number) to register on the Government’s site.

Cseke Attila said: “In this epidemiological context, with significant increases in the numbers of Covid-19 infected people, it’s important to support the vaccination process, by granting rewards as well. Once signed by the Minister of Economy, the policy will be published and will have immediate effect.”

There will be 1,139 prizes in the total value of RON15.000.000 ($3.5m) and 19 draws (which will take place between 1 October and 31 December) as follows: 81 weekly draws (80 prizes worth RON10.000 and a RON300.000 prize), three monthly draws (each worth RON100.000) and two final draws (one worth RON500.000 and one final RON1m draw).

According to regulations, "every participant will have four winning chances; therefore, each participant will have the chance to win four prizes." The funding for the prizes is provided by the Minister of Economy, Entrepreneurship and Tourism.

This isn’t Romania’s first attempt to encourage vaccination, citizens who got vaccinated in Bucharest were given free sandwiches and, at the end of August, the Government had approved an ordinance thanks to which vaccinated people were eligible for receiving a meal voucher worth RON100.


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