Casino Guru campaign: "Only small percentage of visitors" clicked on safer gambling messaging

By Gambling Insider

Over the course of the recent Safer Gambling Week, Casino Guru launched a campaign that promotes safer and responsible gambling messages across its English website.

The basis of the campaign was that responsible gambling messages need to be both interesting and distinctive so they can capture the attention of the users and “truly get the message across."

This is why Casino Guru’s creative team has designed and implemented three different responsible gambling messages: “It’s Safer Gambling Week 2021,” “Thank you for caring,” and “Responsible players do not lose” – each designated with a different deliberate idea in mind, in an attempt to allow the team to test and measure the kind of messaging that works best.

The three messages were set to appear at prominent locations across the website to make them as visible as possible. The simple and short messages were displayed at the top of the pages, in a bright orange widget to visually stand out, in line with Safer Gambling Week’s colour scheme.

According to the results, the “Responsible players do not lose” message generated a 2.54% click rate, the “Thank you for caring” received clicks from 2.35% of users and “It’s Safer Gambling Week” made 2.05% of users click. Overall, 2.31% of users who saw one of the three messages clicked it to read more.

Šimon Vincze, Responsible Gambling Projects Lead at Casino Guru, commented: “In comparison to our normal educational articles about problem and responsible gambling, our Safer Gambling Week campaign has been seen by a relatively big number of visitors.

“To make sure we maximise our positive impact all year round, we plan to use our findings to create an effective long-term campaign, which will be part of our future efforts aimed at educating and informing players and the public about gambling and its dangers. There is much to look forward to."

However, Vincze admitted: “Despite our efforts to create well-researched and truly helpful educational responsible gambling content, only a small percentage of our visitors searches for it and reads it. Unfortunately, players often start looking for this type of content only after noticing the first signs of problem gambling.

"The majority of players gamble responsibly, and it is crucial to reinforce their good habits and promote preventive steps that minimise the chance of becoming problem gamblers later on."


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