PointsBet Canada takes its sportsbook to new heights... Sunnyvale Trailer Park

By Gambling Insider

PointsBet Canada has signed an exclusive partnership with the Canadian TV show, Trailer Park Boys. 

The multi-year agreement will see PointsBet Canada branding appear authentically as part of a content collaboration with the show, which has aired for 12 seasons on Showcase and Netflix. The Trailer Park Boys will also be appearing in PointsBet’s advertising campaigns, activations and special VIP-style events.  

The company has also uploaded a video clip through its YouTube and social media channels, teasing the first advert of the collaboration, which is set to be released on 17 January 2022.  

Nic Sulsky, PointsBet Canada CEO, commented: “Our mission from day one has been to build a sportsbook as authentically Canadian as poutine. And nothing says Canadiana more than the Trailer Park Boys. We are thrilled to have Bubbles, Ricky, and Julian join Canada’s Sportsbook to bring fans a new, innovative experience.” 

The team from the show were also delighted with the collaboration.  

"I'm very excited to be teaming up with PointsBet Canada,” said Bubbles. “I get to meet all kinds of cool Canadian athletes and everything will be totally legal which is a new thing for Ricky and Julian. I think it's fantastic!" 

“As a proudest Canadian, I think it’s a real flattering being asked to be part of this,” said Ricky. “This celebrates Canadian sports and I can’t wait to meet a bunch of our best in the world athletes.” 

Julian added, “It's great to finally have a legit job with such a cool company. I'm proud of myself.”


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