Become your own real estate mogul in MONOPOLY Once Around Deluxe

By Gambling Insider
The land-based favourite is here, better than ever and waiting for you to take your chance! Utilizing the iconic MONOPOLY board, there is no slot experience as close to the board game you know and love.

MONOPOLY Once Around Deluxe is a five reel and three row game with 15 paylines. It contains a standard basegame, with some added scatter symbols, and a bonus where the player travels the MONOPOLY board collecting properties. It’s most interesting feature, however, is the side betting the player can make prior to their entry into the board bonus.

After the bonus is triggered and the player selects their favourite token to travel the board with, they are given the option to either proceed directly towards the bonus or to make some optional side bets. In the side betting screen the player can place four houses or a hotel on their choice of properties, excluding: the railroads, chance and community chest, luxury taxes, jail, free parking, the utilities, and GO. Once they have finalized their side bets, the player can then proceed to the board bonus.

Once in the board bonus, the player will select a button to “roll dice” for them, with their piece travelling a number of spaces on the board that is represented by the result of their roll. If they land on one of the properties that they made a side bet on, they are paid the usual value of the property before being shown five “rent checks” with a mystery value. Once the player selects an individual rent check, the values of all five checks are revealed and the player is awarded the value of the check they selected. If they happen to land on chance or community chest, they are awarded a card from these decks that can do a variety of things – from awarding a cash value to moving them to unique positions on the board. The most lucrative property reward, on Mediterranean Avenue, is only accessible through these cards. Within these cards is an extra opportunity for the player to access the Twice Around Bonus. The Twice Around Bonus is normally accessed if the player is able to make it the entire way around the board and land directly on go, but can be triggered by a random draw in the Chance and Community Chest features. If triggered, the player is entitled to another trip around the board, with all reward values at a multiplier of two. When you factor in the side betting opportunities, this is a major opportunity for a huge reward!

MONOPOLY Once Around Deluxe provides a high quality, top-of-the-line experience for our players. Those familiar with the original land based favourite will be pleasantly surprised by the visual updates made to the game, with an entirely new suite of symbols, completely redesigned and aesthetically pleasing base and bonus game theming, and a novel and fun presentation of the board in the Once Around Deluxe bonus. Through the use of parallax in the background, and a slanted presentation in the desktop version of the game, the player is given a true sense of movement and depth within the bonus. This graphic update will do a great deal to fully immerse the player in the MONOPOLY experience. In addition to the exciting and varied graphic updates, the game’s soundtrack hasn’t been ignored! The soundtrack has been entirely updated using music recorded by live jazz musicians. With two unique base game tracks and an updated version of the classic bonus music, there is high quality music for newcomers and veterans of the original land-based title alike.

Players looking for an entertaining polished, and unique slot experience won’t have to look any further than MONOPOLY Once Around deluxe. Its side betting opportunities ensure that players can customize their betting and possible rewards to their preferred level of volatility. At the same time a polished and fun basegame, impressive audio quality, high-resolution art, and a cohesive aesthetic package will ensure that players from all over are able to enjoy the game. MONOPOLY Once Around Deluxe is the closest a player can get to playing a game of MONOPOLY for real money online!

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