Crypto casino launches "first NFT slot machine"

Online operator Lucky Crypto has launched a brand new NFT collection: Lucky Degens. Coming in two distinct varieties, the Jungle Animal Collection and the OG Collection, owners of Lucky Degen NFTs will be offered a range of benefits and special offers.

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Players will have the chance to win one or more NFTs by playing on the metaverse’s first-ever NFT slot machine. Found in the Lucky Degens Embassy in Decentraland, the slot machine is currently free to play up to 10 times per day.

Lucky Degen NFT owners, however, are allowed up to 50 plays per day, further increasing their chances of claiming another NFT.

Both the OG Collection and Jungle Animal Collection offer benefits that include VIP access to private games and tournaments, 25% cashback, free spins and a range of other rewards.

The NFTs also offer eligibility for the $LUCKY token airdrop, which can be used as payment on the Lucky Crypto website and on various metaverse casinos.

The OG Collection offers further benefits that include a free monthly airdrop of Jungle Animal Collection NFTs.

The Lucky Crypto embassy in Dencetraland is a part of the platform's long-term vision to bring a series of casinos into the metaverse.

Lucky Crypto is using immersive gaming experiences built on plots throughout the metaverse, to grow the community and make its mark on metaverse gaming.

The OG Collection will launch on 24 June 2022, while the Jungle Animal Collection will follow with a July 2022 release planned. New Jungle Animal NFTs will then be released monthly up until January 2023.

Due to US gambling laws, Lucky Crypto and Lucky Degens are restricted for US residents.

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