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NEWS 15 October 2012

GTECH G2 unveil new bingo offering

Providers GTECH G2 have premiered a new and improved online bingo product at this year’s EiG show.

Bingo 2.5 boasts a series of fresh features including a new in-game lobby which allows players to change rooms and pre-purchase tickets from other rooms without leaving their existing game.

The lobby also plays host to a plethora of useful information including the number of players in all rooms, the price of tickets, the amount of time remaining before the next round, and winnings.

The new offering also features an adaptable screen feature whereby the game window optimally adjusts to fit different screen resolutions and bingo client window sizes without the loss of key information.

Bingo 2.5 also offers simultaneous mini game play, with players able to detach mini games and drop them anywhere on the screen while still viewing the live stream. Better chat games, enhanced private chat security and surveillance, and easier software upgrading have all been added, as have rotating ad banners.

The suppliers are also using EiG to showcase their new instant poker client, while delegates will additionally be able to find out more about the latest developments to GTECH G2 Anytime, a multi-channel offering for tablet devices.

William Scott, GTECH G2 vice president, said: “This year’s EiG gives us a great opportunity to demonstrate just how we are working to stay ahead of the game by constantly improving all aspects of our product suite.

“Bingo 2.5 and our new instant poker client as well as the developments to GTECH G2 Anytime are prime examples of that."
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