Epic Risk Management details Safer Gambling Week activity

Safer Gambling Week is underway and Epic Risk Management has taken this opportunity to highlight its work.

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Epic said it strives for a “safer gambling environment” all year round, and sought to use the “heightened platform” this occasion offers to promote these efforts.

In particular, Epic focused on the work it will undertake over the event’s seven days to give a “flavour” of the company’s “typical week.”

This includes in-person seminars, presentations and webinars delivered to young people, athletes and gambling sector insiders.

The company will hold education sessions for teens aged 14+ at eight UK schools; a mix of state and private institutions.

Across the Atlantic, meanwhile, Epic will deliver gambling harm awareness seminars to student athletes at three college campuses.

Epic will also host a roundtable discussion attended by major Australian sports institutions to “help identify where the issue of gambling harm could be most prevalent within their organisations.”

Ultimately, the company stressed that lived experience will be “at the heart” of these and other events it participates in during Safer Gambling Week.

It added that such events typically target “high-risk sectors” where the statistics show “a higher probability of gambling harm occurring,” such as the criminal justice service, military and construction.

“There are a number of reasons why institutions should always keep safer gambling and player protection at the forefront of their thinking,” said Dan Spencer, Epic’s Director of Safer Gambling.

“Problem gambling can manifest itself in any number of ways, and this can have an adverse effect on performance, damage reputations or leave companies at risk of breaching regulatory compliance.”

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