Company Focus: Japan Solution is a collective of solution providers specialising in the Japanese market.

It is an alliance of forces gathered by Windstorm Media Communications Ltd in the UK.

Windstorm Media is one of Europe's first advertising agencies to provide comprehensive marketing services focused on working in the Japanese market for international brands.

In the wake of 2022, Windstorm Media formed a unique alliance of forces with Tiger Pay and Tiger Games, both known for their stronghold of Japanese market expertise.

Mitsuya Fujimoto, a veteran media expert from Japan and a founder of Windstorm Media, believes that any brand aiming to establish its presence or increase its share in the Japanese market must carry its own road map tailored for its brand identity. It may be long or short, but the navigation would be much easier if a clear identity existed. In other words, establishing your brand in a complex market like Japan is one of the most crucial steps one must take.

Having a solid brand also means providing the best possible user experience. Under its rather particular environment surrounding the iGaming industry in Japan, most brands must work horizontally with solution providers, which is collateral to the brand identity and performance, sometimes even damaging.
Choosing your partners for the Japanese market would become an essential step in that road map, and that is precisely what Japan Solution is putting on the table.

A solid Brand Identity with Solid User Experience goes far in Japan. This simple but hard formula to establish is vital, especially where the primary tool for driving traffic heavily relies on affiliates where comparison of the services had become the central editorial aspect.

Windstorm Media can assist and provides various comprehensive media packages to capture and sustain the momentum in the complex and competitive terrain of the Japanese market. Still, if the solutions the brand relies on are not the best the market can offer, the retention of the customers will result poorly.

Thus, choosing the right partners in Japan is essential in aligning the strategic approach with the lucrative market.

Tiger Pay is the youngest payment solutions provider in the Japanese market. Yet, it has achieved and passed its critical mass in the market within two years of its establishment. Shunsuke Kojima, the CEO of award-winning payment solutions Tiger Pay, lists three elements for its rapid success. Trust, Convenience, and Diverse Choice.

1)Fully attentive Japanese Customer service, which gains the TRUST of fastidious Japanese customers.

2)Tiger Pay Pre-Paid Debit Card provides CONVENIENCE to fussy Japanese customers.

3)Multi-currency and crypto solutions provide DIVERSE CHOICE to the dynamic demographics of the Japanese market.

If Solid branding is consolidated with the elements of Trust, Convenience, and Diverse Choices, one must solidify the opportunity with the most critical user experience of all, the gaming itself.

Since its establishment, Tiger Games has been known as a curator of popular games for the Japanese market. Tiger Games team are always on the lookout for the "next big thing" and would work extensively to follow through.

Japan Solutions is the combined force of best services designed especially for the Japanese market, and it creates a positive cycle of synergy for both brands and providers.

Windstorm Media can assist in identifying your marketplace by creating or rebranding your unique brand identity and executing the marketing plan through online media and conventional mass media.

Tiger Pay would handle transactions which would put the customers at ease.

Tiger Games can give you the games the customers will come back to.

Japan Solution is a collective of Japanese specialists you can rely on in the fast pace fast-growing market.

For more information about the Japan Solution or any individual services, please contact
[email protected]
[email protected]

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