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NEWS 19 September 2017
Company Focus: Copy betting - the future of bet trading
By Gambling Insider
 Anton Ivanov talks about CopyBet, a social betting platform that serves as a way for punters to become investors in other people’s betting strategies

The online bookmaking market has consistently grown, and with it the number of services which promise to help a bettor make better informed choices. However, in terms of support services there hasn’t been anything really ground-breaking for ages.

Everything that has existed before has been about buying signals and expert advisors and using them for placing bets. CopyBet is a conceptually new system of working with bets. We created a social betting platform, which allows to copy the most successful sport betting strategies from the best punters. CopyBet is a fully functional investment service, which helps you both to create and develop your own copying strategy, and protect your funds from any unforeseen circumstances. In CopyBet, all basic operations are performed automatically as we focussed on making the copy betting process as simple as possible. There’s no need to download additional software, look for free space on your hard drive, or master programming skills. The rating system for the best punters, a user-friendly interface, and the absence of additional expense make the copy betting process as immediate and clear as possible.

What can the “tipster” market offer right now? Let’s take a look. A lot of offers to buy predictions or signals, which you can use for placing bets at your bookmaker. This is an industry with the sole purpose of selling you predictions, one after another. Basically, everything works through a template: tips or predictions are emailed to you, bets are placed manually. Such services show no transparency whatsoever, because there is no way you can check the real bet history of the person who makes the predictions. So, what is the CopyBet concept?

We want to get away from this imperfect system and focus on the transparency and complete automation of the process. And it’s not a gambling platform, it’s a fully functional investment service.

CopyBet helps your money to work under any conditions, and the platform allows you to invest in the same way you on stock exchanges and financial markets. The investment approach is formed as usual: with the help of Stop Loss, Take Profit, and Copy Ratio. You have all the necessary risk management tools at hand and, as a result, you can take a fresh look at the copy betting process. In fact, it’s a brand new perspective on social betting: the money may not only be saved, but increased as well. In our opinion, the market needed this product.

I’d like to say more about investing, because the combination of the words “investing” and “sport bets” in the same article may seem quite contradictory to many people. In the CopyBet platform, you will find convenient “stock exchange” tools for working with different betting strategies.

Stop Loss

The entire amount of capital that is managed by a punter can be protected with the stop-loss limits. The tool is very simple in use: the copy betting process stops if the previously specified value of loss is exceeded. It will allow the user to eliminate unnecessary risk and focus on the results.

Copy Ratio

The CopyBet system implies using leverage with a maximum value of 1:10. This copy leverage value allows users to work with the optimum capital size.

Take Profit

This feature is used to lock in profit when it reaches the specified value. It perfectly works in combination with Stop Loss and helps to have complete control over your funds.


This is arguably the most important tool of the platform. There you can find the best punters and invest your money by turning over control of your account to a professional. If you’re a successful bettor and you want to share your results, we’ll see you at the top of the rankings.

And this is not a complete list of all available the functions that are integrated into the platform. We offer a wide range of such tools, which can be found on the CopyBet website at

There are three possible roles you can fulfil with CopyBet. You can choose one of them or play all three roles simultaneously.

The first one is bet provider, bettor or punter. This participant of the system makes money on both placing their own bets and receiving the commission from other participants for copying them. This approach is perfect for a present-day punter: if their strategy is successful and efficient, other will want to use it as well. The CopyBet system offers flexible settings for the commission for copying bets, so in time the financial effect of a bettor’s success will be more visible.

The second role is a subscriber. This is extremely simple: you look for successful punters (all of them are displayed in the rankings) and subscribe to their strategies. One mouse-click and your account is managed by a professional. You can copy bets of several successful punters simultaneously. The system helps you to create your own investment portfolio with several profitable strategies.

The third role is as a partner. It’s an additional role, which barely requires any effort or special knowledge. When registering at CopyBet, every client automatically becomes a partner. The cooperation scheme is simple: you attract new clients and, as a result, receive commission for the bets they copy over the entire period of operation in the platform.

The CopyBet platform is a really convenient and advanced service, where you can view the leader’s rating, copy their bets, and read analytics at the same time. The most successful punters will help others to find more efficient betting strategies. The CopyBet stats center was created and developed in such a way as to make the process of getting new information both convenient and simple.

The technical aspect of using the CopyBet platform is as simple as possible, so that you don’t waste any time. Before using our platform, you have to register at the CopyBet website and the BetFair website as well, because the latter serves as the platform for operations. After that, you have to connect your BetFair account to the CopyBet website. Then, you have to make sure that you have enough funds in your wallets in both systems. It’s necessary because the system analyses the ability to withdraw commission due to tools that are shared in the systems equally. You can start working right after the registration.

In our opinion, the CopyBet system has more than enough benefits to make it worth testing under real conditions. You can start using the platform for free, for example to view strategies of other participants and to analyse the available statistics.
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