Delasport's Unique B2B Solutions

By Gambling Insider
 When it comes to B2B solutions in the online gambling industry, Delasport is a company that definitely stands out, thanks to its diverse services and high-end products. Their proprietary sportsbook platform has been getting more and more attention, making its way to operators such as 18Bet, 1Bet and Babibet among others. Founded in 2010 with its head office in Gibraltar, Delasport currently has multiple branches across Europe and Asia, and a growing team of over 100 people. Aiming to be a leader in the sports betting industry, the company has quite a lot to offer for operators out there.

The Delasport Sportsbook Platform

With perhaps the richest betting coverage online and a sophisticated odds-compiling algorithm, this sportsbook platform is a premium solution that can be implemented both by existing gambling operators and as a stand-alone product. The software is available for PC and mobile devices, with every version offering the same high-quality betting experience.

The platform grants access to thousands of sporting events spread across multiple sports, and a plethora of markets for each. The software is designed to always present the player with the most attractive odds, while keeping the operator in total control of the entire process. Thanks to the state-of-the-art risk management system, various customizations for leagues and payouts are available at any time.

Live betting is also supported, as per the latest industry trends. The special “Live Center” feature will enable operators to view live statistics for every game, and monitor the play-by-play in real time. Delasport’s sportsbook platform delivers outstanding user experience, thus leading to an increase of revenue for the operator.

Full-Service White Label Solution

Aside from the sportsbook platform itself, Delasport also offers an exemplary white label solution, enabling industry newcomers to start strong and have all the tools they need in order to establish a solid, competitive website that performs well on the market. The core of the services is the sportsbook software that we already covered, along with a fully customizable website, branded as per the customer’s wishes. Options for the inclusion of a casino section is also available, utilizing the portfolio of esteemed developers Microgaming and VIVO.

Operators retain full control of the sportsbook and all processes, while Delasport takes care of trading, risk management, customer care, and other aspects of the project. However, any customer requests will be implemented, along with margins, policies, and guidelines. This partnership model has proven to be quite successful so far, as it offers operators an edge in the highly competitive world of online gambling, while keeping them in charge of their own business.

For individuals who want to have full control over every aspect, Delasport also offers an independent turnkey solution, providing them with a full-scale management system, along with CRM, CMS, and anti-fraud tools. This option is great for experienced individuals and companies who want to enter the business with the right set of tools at their disposal.

Other Useful Delasport Products

One product that will certainly attract the attention of operators is the Asian Sportsbook Plugin, offered by Delasport. The Asian interface has been rapidly growing in popularity over the last years, and is now featured at several European bookmakers. The product in question is designed to be seamlessly integrated, and features an advanced reporting system that will help operators to maintain control over their customers’ activities.

Delasport also offers various other services that can be of great help to gambling website owners, such as integration of sportsbook feeds, and even a website solution that requires no setup fees whatsoever. If you are interested in starting your own online gambling venture, or expanding your current operations, companies like Delasport might be just the thing you need.

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