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NEWS 28 February 2019

AGA research: $367m donated to charity by US gaming firms in 2018

By Tim Poole

The American Gaming Association (AGA) has teamed up with the US Chamber of Commerce Foundation (USCCF) to compile data on corporate social responsibility (CSR) within the US gaming sector.

The report was based on surveys and interviews of 15 AGA members in Q3 2018; these members represented 168 casino properties, 235,000 employees and $33bn in total revenue.

Responses from the 15 interviewees showed $367m was donated to charity by gaming companies in 2018, while 69% have an institutionalised diversity and inclusion hiring effort.

Employees contributed over 422,000 volunteer hours per year, which is five times more than that of the technology sector.

While every respondent has a responsible gaming policy in place, meanwhile, 99% have also adopted a comprehensive recycling and energy efficiency program – 50% higher than the overall private sector.

AGA President and CEO, Bill Miller, said: "This report shows the gaming industry is making good on our promise to be responsible community partners, contributing economically and socially to communities across the country."

Ultimately, a key takeaway point is that, whether through self-regulation or regulatory pressures, the gaming industry's current responsible practices outweigh those of many other sectors.

Equally, the stark contrast between attitudes towards gaming in the US and UK is clear to see, with the public image of UK gambling companies taking a significant hit in recent years.

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