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NEWS 4 March 2019

Company Focus: Get ready to score big! Golden Race presents its fully upgraded Virtual Football

By Gambling Insider
 Golden Race stays at the top of the league table with the new generation of its fully digital 3D virtual football.

The latest version of this multi-awarded product has been significantly enhanced to engage players more than ever, combining innovative game features with the most convenient online solutions in the sports betting industry.

Featuring advanced animations based on real players’ movements and a completely new virtual stadium created with on-site scanning, it also includes real odds from in-house bookmakers, authentic camera angles and professional voice-over in every major language.

“We are very proud to have found a great balance between the excitement of realistic sports events and the complete control of digital 3D,” says the Golden Race CEO, Martin Watcher. “Players love to see the most important international competitions −like the World Cup and the Euro Champions− recreated, and operators have the option to introduce their brand within each game, create any custom match they desire and offer them on demand.”

The King of Virtual Sports

Golden Race’s cutting-egde sports betting software allows its partners to deliver new and exciting matches every few minutes 24/7, anywhere in the world, without complicated set-ups or big infrastructures.

“Applying the latest live-rendering and HTML5 technologies, our virtual sports are available in physical locations, online and mobile channels, including all popular devices and operating systems,” adds Watcher. “For land-based operators, in particular, the Self Terminal V2 is having a great success and we have launched a new series of terminals and other solutions that add a lot of dynamism to the betting experience.”

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