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NEWS 3 June 2019

Slot Focus: SG Digital Launches Mega Drop™ Jackpot System with 2 New Games: Lucky Lanes™ and Prism Blast™

By Gambling Insider
Mega Drop™ is SG Digital's new must-drop multi-level jackpot system. The three-tiered system is accessible to all players at any stake level, providing a chance to win one of 3 progressive jackpots:

• MINOR: 1500
• MAJOR: 20,000
• EPIC: 200,000

The system is designed to supply more games with quicker guaranteed jackpot drops, encouraging more active players than a traditional jackpot system. As soon as an individual jackpot drops, it immediately starts over again, allowing for multiple drops in a shorter period of time. Since the jackpots are not time-based, this allows for more accessible jackpots and more fair delivery, filling a gap amongst existing must-hits.

2 Initial Games were released to support the Mega Drop™ launch: Prism Blast™ and Lucky Lanes™. Both games are a testament to the future-thinking nature of our industry. Prism Blast™ injects a sleek, modern feel into a classic slot experience while Lucky Lanes™ is a completely new take on how slot games can look, feel, and play.

Prism Blast™ breathes a fresh aesthetic into a proven 5x3 reelset with flashy neon symbols and iconic old-Vegas style imagery. Blending two eras together makes for a unique-but-familiar gaming experience perfect for seasoned players. The Mega Drop jackpot mechanic boosts the experience even more with huge win potential.
Lucky Lanes™ is a one-of-a-kind slot experience that turns tradition on its head. Instead of classic reel arrays and familiar symbols, the 3x3 reelset comprises three lanes of cars that drive down a highway once a player presses the spin button. The cars stop along scenic routes that can randomly trigger features to enhance win opportunities.
4 additional SG Digital games are planned for release into the Mega Drop™ jackpot system in the 2019 calendar year.
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