Making Online Poker Great Again with EvenBet

By Gambling Insider
Those who say that the golden days of poker were back in the 2000s and will never come back again have a very narrow yet understandable focus. Then, there was a hype around it. It was easy to get a good or even great liquidity. There was no or little regulation. And as it had been with the Golden Rush, everything ended when authorities and big players came in the business.

Was that the time for really good technology poker platforms? Was there a choice of management, marketing, and promotion tools available? Any niche solutions? Localisation, multi-currency, reliable security for players? With all this at hand now, EvenBet Gaming believes that online poker has never been so good.

“If you are looking for a game to acquire the maximum number of players globally, obviously poker is not the choice. However, if you want to work with users loyalty, to have a core of engaged players with a solid lifetime value, then poker is hard to beat. If you, in addition, aim to work in a local market or in a niche – even impossible to beat”, says EvenBet Gaming CEO Dmitry Starostenkov.

The company aims to provide a solid iGaming platform with a reliable server, certified RNG, the ultimate number of poker games available (more than 25 so far) and a full set of tools to ensure that the operators will get maximum benefits from online poker. A variety of tournaments including freerolls, many bonuses and promotions, affiliates module help quickly and effectively grow the players’ number. User interface refined in 15 years of the platform development and an unlimited customisation potential guarantee that every project may be unique, tailored exactly to its audience. Finally, non-stop development with lifetime support minimise all the risks on the technical side, both for the operator and for the players.

For local and niche projects, EvenBet Gaming offers client applications localisation, custom game development, and a possibility to choose the software package that would fit the market. Whether one would need mobile Poker Clubs or pro-level omni-channel platform, the vendor is ready to provide a suitable solution.


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