Pragmatic Solutions iGaming Platform - PAM you don't build – you buy it off the shelf!

By Gambling Insider

There’s no need to build PAM yourself as a business – not only can it take years, there’s also no guarantee for success. What’s more, there’s no inherent value in PAM – either it does what it needs to do, in which case you’ll be able to focus on elements that differentiate your business, or it doesn’t do what it needs to do (which is the case most of the time), and it’ll then block all your business plans.

Pragmatic Solutions has firmly established itself as one of the most forward-thinking iGaming platform (PAM) providers, delivering a unique API based, common wallet system that is focused on the client’s roadmap and needs.It is capable of providing dynamic segmentation, advanced business analytics, riskmanagement, front end CMS, transaction processing and more.

Pragmatic Solutions gives operators more control through a purely client-oriented approach, allowing clients to dictate where and how their business moves in what is a very competitive marketplace. The company prides themselves on addressing a client’s PAM needs quickly and effectively, due to its focus on its core platform and modular approach.

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