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May 16 marked the restart of sports events with the first match in the Bundesliga that was welcomed with high excitement by all, players, operators, and suppliers. By now, every major league has started playing, getting the sports betting industry back in the game.

“Operators looking into making up for lost time need to take advantage of this momentum of excitement and step up their game. They need to score high with their players” - says Elena Mihajloska, head of Marketing at Singular. But scoring high does not indicate high or risky bets, she further explains. On the contrary, scoring high refers to creating tailored user experience to players’ expectations and needs, an outstanding player journey that excites, engages, and retains.

As Elena explains, the company slogan “Be Outstanding” does not stand only for the quality of their products, but the opportunity they give their clients to be Outstanding in their respective markets. Having this as their ultimate goal, Singular has built the product portfolio on the foundation of three main pillars: flexibility, reliability, and innovation. Following the same logic, at the end of last year, Singular launched the 4th generation of their Sports Betting Platform that takes user experience to the next level.

Each product improvement and upgrade made is in coherence with the market changes, and our clients valued feedback. Most importantly, it has to satisfy the three BE’s that illustrate the pillars of the company slogan - “Be Outstanding” - explains Mihajloska.

Flexibility: Be Bespoke - Freedom to create your own brand

The magic about a good UX is that it feels natural, intuitive, and easy to use. Players should always have the right information at the right time, displayed in the most comprehensive and interactive way as possible. Not to mention, the high importance for localisation in the online sphere of sports betting.

For that reason, Singular Sports Betting Platform enables their clients to be bespoke in their respective markets by providing them with fully customizable UI. Operators have maximum flexibility and operational control with plug-in options to extend or replace any modules via open platform APIs to create unique UX for each market. Additionally, through the Data Feed Services, they have full control over their odds and the option to combine data from multiple providers.

Reliability: Be Ready - Strength backed by years of stability

Sports betting is a very dynamic online field. Not only does it have a massive number of simultaneous users, but also captures and processes data in real-time. Although online sports betting has been growing into popularity, the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the transfer of players into the online space. The demand for a reliable software with scalability built into its core is not a differentiating factor, but the foundation of a successful Sports Betting Platform. Scaling vertically with additional hardware is not long-term sustainable and can be very expensive and unreliable.

Working with Tier 1 operators in the past 10 years, we have developed a software that empowers our clients to be ready for any magnitude of their business growth. Singular Sports Betting Platform is fit for exponential growth delivering full horizontal scalability with multi-datacenter redundancy support, guaranteeing almost zero downtime.

Innovation: Be Ahead - Power to shape the future

One of the essential success factors for operators is winning at player engagement. The sleek design, the intuitive and responsive UX, the rich and diverse betting offer is only the first step towards creating that outstanding experience. There is something that we call a RELEVANT betting offer that makes sports betting operators competitive in the long run.

The secret lies in the player-centric experience. Singular sports betting platform offers tools for intelligent configuration of player journeys. Our segmentation and recommendation engines work in synergy with our marketing and CRM tools to maximize players' LTV. Finally, clients can take advantage of some of the most attractive features on the market like the Cash-Out function, the BetBuilder, Edit Bet, and Drafts Tickets to further engage the players.

Using novel technologies and agile processes, we have developed partner-centric solutions that make our clients stand out. The modular architecture of our solutions has enabled Singular to adjust to newly regulated markets almost instantly, empowering our geographic expansion across Europe, LATAM, and Africa - concludes Elena Mihajloska, Head of Marketing at Singular.

In addition to the Sports Betting Platform, Singular supplies a comprehensive iGaming Platform, a Casino Core with 7000+ games and Retail solution with a multi-level Agent System. Recently they have launched their new webpage ( that cohesively displays the Singular product portfolio.


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