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GG.Bet CEO Dmytro Voshkaryn: How advanced esports trading helps to win new bettors

Esports betting offers a complexity beyond that of traditional sports betting, placing an emphasis on the trading process when engaging a passionate playerbase, writes GG.Bet CEO Dmytro Voshkaryn. Over the last five years, the number of esports bettors has grown from 191 million to 523 million. This huge pool of bettors has a deep understanding of esports and high expectations of bookmakers, which stimulates the active development of esports tra...
John Connelly - Interblock preparing to launch online by the end of year
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Creating uniqueness through compelling localised content
A single touchpoint with content that inspires players In today’s competitive gambling industry, having the right sort of content which is both uniquely differentiated from the competition,...
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20 May, 2024

Macau plans to diversify revenue with non-gaming sectors

Macau has plans to diversify its revenue and be less dependent on its gaming revenue, as mentioned in the latest Macau news, shortly after Director Xia Baolong's recent official visit to Macau.

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