31 March 2021
Spanish gambling regulator announces 25% growth in GGR
By Gambling Insider

The figures showed Gross Gaming Revenue (GGR) for the final quarter of 2020 was up to €231.26m (£197.06m), which is a 20% rise quarter on quarter, and 24.82% year over year.

The GGR was analysed to show that 44.77% of the €231.26m was used for betting and 42.3% for casinos, while the remaining GGR was distributed among poker, contests and bingo.

With most of it going to Spain’s betting segment, the area saw an increase of 18.82% year over year. There was also a rise of in-match and in-played sportsbook bets from the fourth quarter.

Spanish casinos experienced a rise of 19.52% in the final quarter of 2020 and an annual variation rate of 36.51%. Roulette and slot increased by 5.83% and 11.18% live roulette gained the most with a 41.63% increase.

Poker also managed a 24.47% increase year over year despite only contributing to 10.79% of the GGR.

Overall, online gambling in Spain amounted to €21.60bn, increasing by 15% from 2019. Similarly, the number of active accounts rose by 16%.

To complement this growth, operators were also advertising more to their players. Marketing spending went up 24.2% to €462.1m and €199.7m was spent on advertising. However, the DGOJ reported that promotions dropped by 33.17%; with only €56.33m being spent on prizes and bonuses.