AstroPay joins the instant payments market in Brazil through PIX

AstroPay, a pioneer in payment solutions for consumers who want to make online purchases on international sites, introduces a new payment method that is revolutionizing the Brazilian market - PIX, a new instant payment system.

The country's central bank project provides the opportunity to make payments 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in a time of up to seconds, through mobile apps, internet banking and ATMs. As Central Bank of Brazil expresses, Pix has arrived to leverage competitiveness and market efficiency, to lower costs of transactions, to increase security and improve customer experience as well as promoting financial inclusion. PIX is expected to accelerate online transactions for users as well as for e-commerce companies, significantly reducing the waiting time for order confirmations and delivery.

“Over the years, AstroPay has provided the most recognized local payment methods available in each country where it operates, and this could not be the exception. We foresee a growth in the usage of digital payments in Brazil, in the coming months”, said Mikael Lijtenstein, AstroPay CEO. “PIX will democratize Brazilian digital payments, making them accessible to the general public and we want to be part of this transformation”, he summarized.

“The project will be the embryo of what I believe is a total transformation in the country’s future financial intermediation, and will consolidate what we understand as the new form of payment methods, with the new fintech industry and with open banking, “ stated Roberto Campos Neto, President of the Central Bank of Brazil during the launch.

AstroPay, a company operating in Latin America, Africa and Asia for more than 11 years and with a presence in several of these regions, aims to help merchants access markets easily and safely.


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