WorldMatch introduces Romantic Holidays and makes you live a dream vacation

There are many reasons to visit Rome, but now there’s one more. The Eternal City is ready to offer riches and prizes to make your stay unforgettable.

16th June 2021 - Finally, a well-deserved holiday. It’s time to wear a pair of comfy shoes and discover the most authentic and famous part of Rome. Romantic Holidays brings the player into the beating heart of this city that can enchant with its wonders and sounds, but can also fill with rich prizes its luckiest visitors so that they’ll never leave.

Each monument hides indeed a treasure waiting to be discovered. The Colosseum, the Pantheon and the Mouth of Truth are true timeless icons of Rome, but now they are also symbols that can gift incredible fortunes, while a typical dumbfound accompanies the player between screens.

Beyond the classic Wild symbol that increases the chances of growing your loot, there is the opportunity to win up to 4 free spins. But that's not all, because if the +2 symbol comes out during the Free Spins, 2 more are added, instead if the Mouth of Truth appears, the winnings can be multiplied up to 16 times.

True Features then gives a further adrenaline rush, in fact when the Mouth of Truth comes out during the normal spin some symbols are transformed and pay a win that can be multiplied up to 8 times. Finally, the Bonus Game puts the player even more in the spotlight, giving a straight win or choosing between 3 mouths of truth to multiply the win up to 75 times.

Rome has been showing its magnificence for ages, but the Romantic Holidays slot will be released on June 16th.


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