BBIN launches an open call for “The Future You’d Love”

Echoing with its annual theme of “The Gaming Beat”, BBIN launches the latest charitable campaign via TGB Charity “The Future You’d Love” in February. As the challenging year of 2021 has been over, what can we look forward for the new year of 2022? TGB Charity is now creating a platform for everyone to show the future they like to have and live in.

With the open call of “The Future You’d Love” lasting until February 20th, BBIN and TGB Charity collect the public’s thoughts and ideas and firmly believe that everyone has the right to speak out the future they’d love, in their own way. Whether it is a photo of a pollution-free ocean, a drawing on a post-it note, or even just a voice message, all forms of expression and creativity are welcomed and will be selectively showcased on BBIN’s and TGB Charity’s social network platforms, websites, and relevant channels. In addition to the campaign itself,  

the collected ideas about the future will be taken as important references to TGB Charity’s future charitable projects and a meaningful survey of diverse future perspectives. To participate in “The Future You’d Love” campaign:

(1) For voice message:

Begin the sentence with “In the future, I’d love…”,

e.g., “In the future, I’d love to live in a house full of greens!”

e.g., “In the future, I’d love to see the world at peace.”

(2) For other forms of creativity:

Prepare the form of your creativity with a short description of your work.


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