Alphawin And Altenar Come Together Amidst iGaming New-Wave With Cutting-Edge Technologies

Using the full-scope of Altenar’s betting, trading and marketing solutions the team behind Alphawin, a subsidiary of Alphabet, looks forward to a long and healthy relationship with sportsbook software provider, Altenar.


As the igaming world witnesses a new-wave, much as all technologies and art forms do, Altenar and Alphawin are at the forefront of the new wave’s cutting-edge technologies from AI capabilities, risk management and having access to several data providers, all of which creates premium content for the Bulgarian market.

With Altenar already operating in Bulgaria, the addition of Alphawin to their growing portfolio and scope is a partnership that both parties are thrilled to covet.

As Alphawin recently acquired its license in March 2022, the recently-born iGaming company ‘hope to have international growth within the next 12 months’ and Altenar could help with this global expansion given the territories of expertise the sportsbook software provider already has access to.

This new partnership is set to take Bulgaria by storm and this is one of the reasons that Alpahwin chose Altenar as their sportsbook provider.

An iGaming New-Wave

With greater adoption of Esports taking a firm hold within the sports betting industry, Altenar foresaw the growing demand for this type of sports content and adhered to the growing need for Esports and iGaming.

In line with Alphawins overarching aims for their Bulgarian-based company, the minds behind Alphawin want to be at the forefront of iGaming, with access to Altenar’s state-of-the-art technology and partnerships Alphawin are in a tremendous position to achieve their aims … with access to the likes of Oddin that have exclusively demonstrated the success for Esports in recent months.

As the company grows in popularity, in such a small space of time, Alphawin’s aim for top-notch customer support can be felt throughout the company and is especially prudent for the company’s spokesperson.

Moving into the future of iGaming together and taking the figurative bull-by-the-horns, in terms of a sports betting new-wave, Alphawin and Altenar, intend to grow, adapt and achieve together which is well within the scope of the industry professionals behind the scenes of Alphawin and Altenar.

A Shared Ethos For Customer-Support

Alphawin and Altenar share a key core-belief and that involves impeccable customer-support from 24/7 access to tailored sports content, the teams behind Alphawin and Altenar understand the importance of a happy customer and this has stood the companies in good-stead.

An understanding that a bespoke experience will create return customers is undeniable, especially for the likes of  Alphawin and Altenar  who have many years of expertise under their belts. For this reason, Altenar’s customisable front-layer and somewhat manual back-end means that Alphawin can curate the experiences of their customers, so much so, that there might be little need for bettors to site-surf.

The emergence of an iBetting new-wave, in the form of Esports, is upon the iGaming world and it’s only growing in popularity by the day.

If you’d like to discover more about Alphawin’s and Altenar's cutting-edge technologies you can do so by visiting their websites and arranging a talk with their passionate professionals.

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