Abios and Kambi release a joint esports betting whitepaper

Abios, the leading esports data and technology provider, has launched a white paper entitled “Bring esports to play” with Kambi, the world’s trusted provider of sports betting technology. The paper will discuss esports betting from various standpoints, including regulation and compliance, betting trends, the most popular bet offers and the combination of Abios and Kambi.

The esports market has grown at an incredible rate in recent years, both in terms of global viewership and prize pools. The vast potential it can hold for sportsbooks is clear. 

Although similarities exist, there are also notable differences between esports and traditional sports. Particularly in terms of their audiences. To truly engage esports fans, sportsbooks must be able to cater to these differences in consumption patterns and viewing habits.

To help sportsbooks in reaching the esports audiences, Abios and Kambi have launched a white paper decrypting the esports ecosystem. It provides sportsbooks with helpful insights and tools to create truly engaging experiences for their users, as well as to successfully navigate different regulatory requirements and bring light to the pitfalls the industry is facing. 

“Our mission has always been to facilitate the growth of the esports ecosystem. Whether it be through providing data or visualisation products to various stakeholders in the industry, or by sharing our knowledge within the esports space. 

“As we’re venturing further into the betting scene with Kambi, we want to share our combined findings in esports and betting with sportsbooks and other interested stakeholders. By releasing a white paper providing insights into the different aspects of esports, we’ll hopefully help someone in creating even better esports products, or building something entirely new,” said Abios’ CEO and Founder, Oskar Fröberg.

The white paper includes insights from various industry leaders, including: 

  • Filip Kristersson, Esports Product Manager at Unibet, sharing his thoughts on capitalising on the esports market
  • Oliver Lamb, SVP Risk & Compliance at Kambi, discussing the need to protect the integrity of esports
  • Oskar Fröberg and Tomas Ericsson at Abios, shedding light on the latest trends in esports betting

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