A sneak peek into GALAXSYS' newest game: HEXAGON

GALAXSYS team never fails to surprise. The team is all set to present the newest game from the portfolio, equipped with cutting-edge modern graphics and an amazing interface that makes it super easy to play.

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How does the game operate?

At the beginning of the game, each player is assigned a box filled with 3 pieces. The player must select the piece they want to move by clicking on it. Once a piece has been selected, all available steps for the chosen piece will be displayed, and the player can then move the piece to one of the available boxes. Game pieces can move one or two boxes (jump) in any direction from their position. If the player moves a piece in one box, that piece is doubled – it fills the destination box and the original piece remains in its original position (so, the player ends up with two pieces). If the player jumps, the piece moves from its initial position to the destination box without being doubled. The winner of the game is the player who gains more hex-shaped particles by making moves, thus creating new particles or eventually "eating" the opponent's particles.

Unique Features 

Guest Mode 

Before starting the games, players can see how other users are engaging with the game. To help them do so, we integrated a special "Guest Mode".

Multi-currency support 

To ensure the users make payments using the currency they are already comfortable using, the game is supported by all ISO standard currencies. 

History View

The records of the past three days' games are fully accessible to the players. 

Design Customization 

A major element to giving games longevity has always been player customization. HEXAGON allows players to modify the layout color and style.

Attractive and simple animation 

As we put player satisfaction at the heart of all the design decisions, the game is designed in a way that is the most convenient for the players, both visually and functionally. 

Market Adaptation 

The game can be easily modified to be consistent with the needs of various markets.

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