AFFTER: The Art of Standing Out in a Crowded Market

The affiliate marketing industry witnessed yet another benchmark event at this year's iGB Affiliate London conference. 


Renowned as the quintessential hub for trendsetting in the iGaming affiliate realm, this event convened a colossal congregation of professionals, with 6,500 delegates from all over the world and a vast array of more than 200 exhibitors eager to showcase their innovations and forge substantial alliances. 

In a market where novel brands and ambitious affiliates emerge incessantly, maintaining a presence that resonates amidst the buzz has never been more critical. AFFTER, a seasoned contender with its pulse on the market's trends, demonstrated an impeccable exercise in brand distinction and strategic engagement. 

Introducing AFFTER 

With years of market experience and a renowned team of professionals adept at navigating the intricate mazes of affiliate marketing, AFFTER marks its exclusive entry point into the competitive arena. It has undoubtedly carved a niche for itself within the competitive iGaming affiliate sector, making full use of its deep-rooted understanding and extensive experience in the market. 

But how can AFFTER stand out in such a large-scale and highly competitive arena? 

AFFTER's marketing director, Kristina, highlighted how the iGB Affiliate London conference was not merely a platform for AFFTER to exhibit but an opportunity to redefine the affiliate experience. 

She elaborated, “The conference served as a fantastic promotional activity where we not only showcased achievements and growth plans in new regions... but also literally put affiliates in the spotlight at our stand zone and offered a truly exclusive experience.” 

A dynamic exhibition booth is your silent ambassador — the louder it speaks in quality and innovation, the more the heads turn. 

The Art of Pre-Event Promotion 

But how do you lay the breadcrumbs that lead affiliates to your stand in the first place? 

Captivating an audience begins long before the event itself. Engaging potential attendees requires a proactive approach, building excitement and expectation through various channels. 

Strategies such as leveraging social media with pertinent hashtags, employing eye-catching pop-ups and banners on your website, crafting SEO-friendly blog content, utilizing PPC advertising tailored to your target demographics and locations, and taking advantage of promotional opportunities provided by the event organizers, including banner and print ads in official publications, are essential. 

AFFTER harnessed these techniques to maximize its visibility and engagement ahead of the conference. This strategic approach not only drew a large audience to their booth but also facilitated fruitful networking opportunities and culminated in a memorable and successful event celebration. 

Innovative Solutions Equals Unforgettable Impressions 

What's an affiliate's recipe for success?  

The answer is clear and accessible affiliate platforms, real-time analytics, comprehensive tracking tools, and robust security. Above all, you must have an array of highly converting products well-aligned with market demands and cultural inclinations. 

These are just a few of AFFTER’s offerings, and they did not just whisper about them at the conference. The team proudly presented their in-house platform and spotlighted the strength of their existing brand portfolio, gathering curious onlookers and turning them into potential partners. 

AFFTER stands out not only for its impressive array of gambling and betting affiliate programs but also for its strategic focus on key markets across Eastern Europe and various tier 1 and tier 2 countries. 

This careful selection underscores AFFTER's commitment to fostering high-caliber partnerships, facilitated by its exclusive, invite-only approach. This model serves as a testament to AFFTER's dedication to aligning with the industry's fast-paced and competitive ecosystem, ensuring that each partnership is robust, of high quality, and mutually beneficial. 

"This isn't just about showcasing what we have; it's about active listening, exchanging insights, and preparing the groundwork for our partners to conquer new markets," commented AFFTER's representative, underscoring the importance of their dynamic response to market trends. 

Elevating Brand Presence with Strategic Partnerships and Experiential Marketing 

The challenge of distinguishing oneself in a sea of competitors at a conference as vast as the iGB Affiliate London lies not just in being present but in being unforgettable.  

To make sure that their booth was more than just another checkpoint in a day filled with networking, AFFTER delivered uniquely memorable experiences that stood out from the crowd. 

The highlight was the partnership with Parimatch, which brought renowned football star Gary Cahill of Chelsea FC as the main attraction. The event was nothing short of magnetic, drawing approximately 100 attendees instantly, earning specialized media coverage, and becoming a hallmark mention at the conference. 

To add to the excitement, attendees had the opportunity to win exceptional rewards, such as tickets to a Chelsea football match, an exclusive chance to participate in a private training session, and a coveted autograph signing with Gary Cahill himself. 

This act wasn't just a crowd-puller; it was a statement of understanding and catering to the interests and passions of their audience. Many affiliates, particularly those involved in sports betting traffic, harbor a deep-seated affinity for sports and specific clubs. By presenting an opportunity to engage with a beloved sports figure, AFFTER not only augmented its stand's appeal but significantly bolstered affiliate loyalty. 

The underlying message was unequivocal – aligning with AFFTER doesn't just mean business benefits; it's about becoming part of a community that appreciates and rewards your passions and interests. 

Looking Ahead 

Great businesses know it — personal networking is irreplaceable, but prior attraction and motivation are foundational.  

"Each handshake starts with a head-turn," quips the marketing director, emphasizing the multi-channel approach to drawing attention. 

"Stay tuned with us, as we're not only setting trends but also weaving the very fabric of affiliate success stories. It's not about being part of the game; it's about changing its rules." 

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