Atlaslive: 'The best technology is the one that feels alive' - CMO Bogdana Yavorskaya on rebranding campaign

Atlaslive delves into the transformative journey of Atlas-IAC to Atlaslive, the dynamic iGaming platform set to redefine industry standards. In this interview, we sit down with key figures behind the rebranding campaign to uncover the preconditions, inspiration and vision driving this monumental shift. Bogdana Yavorskaya, Chief Marketing Officer, shares how Atlaslive is harnessing the power of innovation and connectivity to shape the future of iGaming, while Yaroslav Serdiuk, Strategy Director at Banda agency, gives us a glimpse into the process of creating the new Atlaslive brand.


Your rebranding campaign is striking and impactful! Why did you decide to launch the new Atlaslive brand?

The decision to transition from Atlas-IAC to Atlaslive was driven by our company's dedication to maintaining a leading position in the iGaming industry. The main reasons are market evolution, company growth, enhanced competitiveness and brand consistency. With technology evolving rapidly and the iGaming market experiencing dynamic growth, we recognised the importance of aligning our brand identity with these shifts. The transition to Atlaslive signifies our transformation into a dynamic iGaming platform that embodies innovation, responsiveness and adaptability. Atlaslive is the tech behind the game, constantly evolving alongside new market opportunities and the evolving needs of our partners.

Several key factors influenced our choice of the new name and company design. Firstly, we aimed for a name that encapsulated the dynamic nature of our industry, our company's development and our unwavering commitment to innovation. We extensively researched industry brands, analysing them meticulously. Rather than following trends, we strive to set them.

We sought something that resonated perfectly with our company's ethos, our product and our strategy. Through this process, we gained insight: without people, technology is worth nothing. The success of any technology hinges on the quality of connections between people. The best technology is the one that feels alive. The term 'live' embodies the notions of responsiveness and vitality, aligning seamlessly with our company's ethos.

Now, we have a question for both of you, Bogdana and Yaroslav. How did the collaboration between Atlaslive and the Banda agency come about, and what was the agency's role in the rebranding process?

Bogdana: The agency's expertise in branding, combined with our industry knowledge and insights, enabled us to develop a compelling new identity for Atlaslive. The Banda agency played a pivotal role in translating our vision into reality, guiding us through every step of the rebranding process, from conceptualisation to execution. I only want to emphasise that the entire rebranding process spanned almost eight months. We embarked on a comprehensive review of our brand's physical representation, conducting both internal and external audits. This included scrutinising our presence in the market through partnerships, target audience analysis and stakeholder feedback. The brand audit was essential in ensuring we didn't solely rely on internal perceptions but instead considered all aspects associated with our brand.

Subsequently, we delved into studying the industry players. This involved examining brand strategies, assessing the consistency of the branding across various touchpoints and identifying the key messaging.

Strategically, we scrutinised our core messaging, reaffirming our identity, values and current brand promise, while also envisioning where we aspire to be in the future. This deep dive into the iGaming industry included in-depth interviews with industry players, partners and strategic planning sessions. And voila - Atlaslive, a new powerful brand, stands before you.

Yaroslav: The clear strategic communication of each of our projects enables us to look at our surroundings from new angles and unearth previously unnoticed components. Paying close attention to detail is an essential part of every rebranding process. We look for important topics that are relevant to our culture, industry, audience and corporate ethos.

Our research led us deep into the iGaming market, where we discovered a pattern of basic claims mixed with outmoded images that lacked originality. Our goal was to build a brand that leads the technology area, because leaders automatically attract other leaders. In today's society, technology blends effortlessly into people's lives, blurring the line between reality and virtuality. We believe that great technology reflects life itself: it produces significant benefits while smoothly merging into ordinary use. Recognising the desire for a connected and immersive experience, we made a realisation: the finest technology incorporates liveliness. Thus, we decided to infuse the idea of 'life' into our brand identity. In addition, we added the concept of 'impulse' to represent movement and serve as a positive trigger for life.

It sounds great! Could you elaborate on the main goals of the rebranding campaign and what you aimed to communicate internal transformations to your audience?

Through our rebranding efforts, we aimed to communicate the evolution, rapid growth and ongoing technological advancements of our company. At Atlaslive, our focus is on providing fully customised iGaming solutions tailored to the unique requirements of each partner. Our platform offers a variety of innovative features and functionalities designed to enhance user experience, boost engagement and drive revenue growth. We provide Sportsbook API integration, White Label, Turnkey and Retail solutions. With our in-house developed Sportsbook, we have complete control over features, allowing for swift and sustainable improvements.

Atlaslive currently partners with over 100 operators worldwide. Our platform accommodates over 100,000 online players, with 30,000 player logins per minute, 50,000 settled bets per minute and 350,000 casino spins per minute. We also host more than 700 live events with an uptime of 99.9%, one of the industry's best performances.

We prioritise our partners' success by offering 24/7 support, robust risk control measures and a flexible platform equipped with a wide array of tools to create unique and tailored products. Personalisation is at the core of our values, catering to the needs of both players and clients. By embracing the concept of "live," we emphasise our responsiveness, adaptability and commitment to delivering exceptional results in the iGaming industry.

How does the new brand of Atlaslive reflect your Platform?

The new brand identity shows our rapid growth and continuous technological advancement by embodying the dynamism and vitality of our Platform. The concept of "live" underscores our responsiveness to the ever-changing needs of the iGaming market, while our vibrant design with impulse elements conveys our innovative spirit and forward-thinking approach. By embracing the concept of "live," we seek to convey our commitment to delivering high-quality solutions that evolve, adapt and enrich the iGaming experience for players, operators and partners alike.

Alongside these changes, we determine our mission as to discover how far iGaming tech can evolve. The core values of Atlaslive are to connect, evolve and deliver. These values mirror the brand's core principles. It is crucial for us to maintain open interactions between employees and partners to foster the creation of new ideas. Responsive to the changing world, we prioritise evolution and continuous improvement as our fundamental principles. Additionally, we ensure our platform is efficient and delivers scaling-up outcomes.

How does the visual identity system support the new brand and strategy values?

Effective leaders are never static. Leaders don't wait, don't hide in the shadows. They are always in action, creating changes. Then they show these changes, for others to follow. As a dynamic iGaming platform, we are constantly evolving and adapting to meet the evolving needs of our partners. This message conveys to our stakeholders our dedication to delivering unparalleled results, enhancing the iGaming experience and driving positive change in the industry.

The brand's visual identity retains its focus on blue but now incorporates new accents and shapes. The cool palette captures the essence of technology, while the shapes, approaches and the identity system itself underscore continuous dynamism.

Keeping "Atlas" and combining it with "live", the new Atlaslive logo marks not only just a new word, but reflects a fresh phase in the industry, seamlessly blending legacy with innovation.

Atlaslive is the tech behind the game. Our slogan emphasises the principle of outstanding technology is to mirror life, give important outcomes and remain unnoticeable in use.

Looking ahead, how do you envision the rebranding contributing to Atlaslive's future success in the iGaming market?

We believe our dynamic new brand identity, coupled with our unwavering dedication to excellence and innovation, will enable us to differentiate ourselves in a crowded marketplace, attract new partners and drive continued growth and expansion. With Atlaslive, the possibilities are limitless and we are excited to embark on this next chapter of our journey. Discover how far iGaming tech can evolve with Atlaslive.

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