SAM 3.0 and the challenge of two continents

After the BiG in Cape Town, the handy SAM 3.0 is ready to land at SAGSE Buenos Aires, and show up as a new fun revolution in i-gaming market. Sirplay’s new device has been accepted with great curiosity by the interested public that visited the Maltese company's booth at BiG, and requests for reservations show the attention to the growing presence of the company in the region.

The launch of the SAM 3.0 enriches Sirplay’s portfolio on the eve of another important date, SAGSE in Buenos Aires, where Sirplay will exhibit next month after the important agreement closed at the end of summer. The Maltese Company is set to close this year of intense growth meeting important challenges; the launch of the SAM 3.0 in Latin American market is one of these.

Bart Esposito, CEO of Sirplay, stated: "Our research of versatility and elegance for Sirplay’s products doesn’t lose sight of quality and reliability. SAM 3.0 (Sports Betting Mobile for Android and POS handled) is an innovative device that easily allows you to manage bets like it was a mobile agency providing our clients with a new system of business. All this work aims at achieving another result for us in the field of mobile app development and allows us to arrive to new clients, gambling on the simplicity, the entertainment and sociability of this system. This new product allows us to express a new innovative way of work, because everyone, everywhere can use the new Sirplay’s device through an Internet connection and an Android smartphone, adopting the universal language of the global connection».

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