Loot.bet launches with UltraPlay eSports platform

UltraPlay is proud to announce another new addition to its eSports client’s portfolio. The company has recently launched Loot.bet, a website targeting exclusively gamers and eSports fans.

The website has a custom design made specifically for the right auditorium. Loot.bet offers a wide selection of competitive games, sixteen so far, including Dota2, Counter-strike and Overwatch. The eSports website covers pre-match and live betting events. The layout has been specifically engineered to attract eSports customers with its unique one page event view and streaming presentation.

Loot.bet is operated by Cyprus-based Livestream Ltd, which consists of professionals from online game publishing industry with vast experience in online marketing and business development.

‘Everyone worked very hard from the beginning until the end in order to achieve this goal and release the project which became Loot.bet. I am very excited that I have the advantage of witnessing the everyday progress which the website makes. One thing is certain - Loot.bet’s success will continue to grow rapidly in the future.’, said Mario Ovcharov, CMO of UltraPlay.

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