Player First, User-Friendly Technology Hits the Spot in London

DR Gaming Technology's Chief Executive Officer and co-founder Jurgen De Munck discusses his Company's showing at ICE London 2019 in early February.

Q1.         When we spoke ahead of ICE London 2019, you noted that your core product jackpot and systems offering would obviously be on show, adding that it would be driven your Tables Management System, BlackJack11’s and your world-leading drScreenFull and  8.8” drScreenUltra player tracking display, was that the case?

Jurgen: Yes it was, and as a result it's extremely pleasing to see that through our dedicated product and R&D teams we seem to continue to be assessing the market and its drivers well, in so doing providing technology solutions that operators and player alike not only want, but need.

Q2.         So what were the product highlights at the show?

Jurgen: Well as you know system solutions are an ever-evolving technology, driven not only by player and operator needs, but by advancements in broader technology too.

                Our Tables Management system has been a key focus for us for some time. We have previously spoken about bridging the gap between what has been a very slots biased management tool from all service providers, based simply on the electronic nature of slots. Our ability to now seamlessly integrate Tables game play data into our accounting, cage and reporting modules generated a lot of interest.

                The technology now does away with what was until recently very much a 'pen and paper' system, and affords operators the ability to reward players better, and more accurately, and probably most importantly, affords more time for staff to actually engage with players as opposed to them literally being 'tied down' with administrative tasks.

Q3.         While we're talking Tables, BlackJack11's continues to perform very well across the globe, but I noticed a new Tables Jackpot game at you booth, can you tell me more?

Jurgen: Yes you're quite right, BlackJack11's is doing very well, and I believe it's the simplicity and speed of the game that continues to intrigue players and operators alike.

                As a result we felt that we needed to expand our Tables Jackpot offering to a new game, but with the same design fundamentals of it needing to be fast, easy to learn and easy to play, and we ended up with exactly that. Poker21's is a 3-card poker tables side-bet game, and just like BlackJack11's where when drawing 11 with their first two cards, a player wins, similarly drawing 21 with his 3 poker cards he also a wins, it's as basic as that. Add to this the ability, like BlackJack11's, to operate the game as a standalone, across mutliple tables or a wide-area, as well as a number of RTP and reward and jackpot options, and we believe we have another really compelling player first solution that will drive operator revenues.

Q4.         Where your expectations in terms of both the volume and quality of visitors to ExCel over the three days met?

Jurgen: Yes I think they were. I beleive we were all expecting to see the negative effect of the general global economic downturn, but we didn't. Actual numbers may have been down, I'm not sure, but we secured some really good footfall, particularly on the Wednesday. Tuesday was relatively quiet, but we secured a number of key meetings ahead of the show, so whilst our booth itself was not as busy as the Wednesday there was a constant flow of customers in an out of our meeting rooms all day, and ultimately that is where the deals are done. So yes I was very happy with the volume and quality of visitors to ICE London 2019.

Q5.         It was again great to see your drScreen display and player interface technology in action. That 'B I G W I N' spread across those 6 machines really was impressive?

Jurgen: Thanks. Our ability to display jackpots on the top EGM screen while jackpot hits are viewed on the bottom EGM screen is great, and visitors really enjoyed that visual power.

As an interactive tool our drScreenMicro and drScreenUltra provide an unparalleled player interface experience with our drMediaManager making the submission and management of content to those devices really simple.

Q6.         As a final question,  you had an automated access control gate on your booth, what is that for?

Jurgen: The gate is a simple, and 'player-centric' solution for those operators who are required to monitor player access to their casino, or those who want to monitor player access.

                Intergrated into a casino's loyalty or player registration programme the gate provides automated access control and tracking of all players, and affords operators a great opportunity to 'suprise and delight' their players as they enter or exit the casino, or a specific playing area. Individual, or group bonus games and special offers can be linked specifically to the gate, and afford operators a further opportunity to communicate with their players and reward them for their custom.


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